Genshin Impact: these are the news of patch 1.3


Update 1.3 of Genshin Impact details its characteristics. It will arrive on February 3 of this year and will allow players to celebrate the Lantern Rite in Liyue Harbor, earn a free four-star Liyue character, and collect over 1,600 Primogems.

As revealed by the PlayStation blog, the Lantern Rite is the biggest festival on the Liyue calendar and comes with various celebrations culminating in a spectacular ceremony with the first moon of the year, in which each citizen throws Xiao Lanterns into the night sky. Lanterns, according to the citizens of Liyue, carry their wishes up to the sky and guide the fallen souls of the heroes back home.

The Traveler (us) and Paimon will have to help prepare the event, divided into three phases. Each one of them brings a series of requirements that will help citizens to prepare the rite. By completing them, players will level up the Festival Fever and unlock more missions and stories.

During the Lantern Rite, the streets of Liyue will be filled with celebratory games, snacks, activities and more. One of them is Mechanicus, a strategy and tower defense game that can be enjoyed alone or in company.

Players with an Adventurer level of 20 will be able to participate in Vishaps and Where to Find Them, to hunt down dangerous Geovishaps in exchange for rewards.

A daily event will take place that will allow players to earn rewards and they will be able to participate in a challenge-event for a chance to win the aforementioned four-star character Liyue.

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