Genshin Impact update 1.4 adds a dating system and the Windblume festival


Genshin Impact reaches version 1.4 with its new update, which will land on March 17 and will add the Windblume festival, a dating system and a new character called Rosaria “Comic Benevolence”, among other elements.

As detailed on the PlayStation blog, the Windblume festival will be available to all players with Adventure Level 20 or higher and who have completed the mission “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”.

As for the new dating system, players will have the opportunity to spend time with Barbara, Noelle, Bennett, and Chongyun, and there will be different endings and memories based on the choices and interactions between each character. In addition, in each final the players will be rewarded with an illustration that recalls the “hangouts”.

The Windblume festival, a celebration of romance and passion, will also include three mini-games that allow single-player or cooperative play. They will be the Globes-porthole, floral free fall and Breeze of Ballads.

There will be four levels of difficulty for each game and players will earn rewards and holiday tickets for participating. Tickets can be exchanged in the Event Store for Talent Upgrade Material and two exclusive new gadgets.

Quirky Wonderland will also be available and offers a series of more difficult challenges that will have players take on three random challenges. Upon completing this activity, players will receive rare collaboration coupons that can be exchanged for Ascension Weapon Materials and a new four-star bow, the Windblume Ode. And don’t forget Rosaria, the new four-star character.

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