Genshin Impact welcomes his update with two videos of his new character


After showing us a demo of Yun Jin, miHoyo shows details and gameplay of Shenhe.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact receives this Wednesday, January 5, your update 2.4, one that is loaded with content that they have already detailed, but also with two new characters that we can try to start a new year. One of them is Yun Jin, which we have already known thoroughly recently, and the other is Shenhe, of which we come to talk today.

Through his official YouTube channel, miHoyo has shared two new videos of the character that you can see in this news. In the first, they show us a demonstration of this ‘crane of nature’ that, in addition to showing us a good dose of action, delves into its background.

The second video is twice as long and teaches us about Shenhe’s skills in depth. Let us remember that this is a five-star character capable of increase Cryo damage of all close team members. This ‘Glacial Feather’ effect affects his teammates, and his ultimate reduces the resistance to Cryo and the physical resistance of enemies.

Empower your teammates and deal Cryo damageHis normal attack is Star Piercer, with up to five consecutive hits with his spear, while the charged is a forward movement that deals damage to all opponents who cross the path. His talents are Exorcising spirit, which applies the glacial feather effect that we have discussed, and Enchantment of the divine damsel, which unleashes the power of the enchanted spirit to roam the world and deal Cryo damage.

As we have already mentioned, this update 2.4 is available from today on all platforms, having received winter content at the end of last year. The miHoyo title is still in great shape, maintaining a good player base (it has been the most popular on Reddit in 2021) and regularly receiving new incentives that keep the community in the game.

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