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Gestures of anger as a substitute, goal and an unexpected record in the sights: Lionel Messi’s game against Betis

Messi’s match against Betis

The Barcelona stays second in The League after beating this Sunday at Betis 3-2 in a game that is changing and full of emotions whose final result can only be explained by the presence of Lionel Messi on the field of play, after having seen the first half from the stands by decision of Ronald Koeman.

The Dutch coach explained in the press conference after the duel that the rosarino’s substitution was to take care of him in the face of Wednesday’s commitment for the semifinal of the Copa del Rey: “The Cup is the shortest way to win a title and against him Sevilla we need the team in good physical condition. Some players had to be protected ”. In addition, he admitted that his income was key: “I spoke with him yesterday to give him a break. When he entered, the game changed a lot ”.

Is that while his teammates fell by 1 to 0 and could not generate dangerous plays, The flea He watched everything from a comfortable seat and the cameras of the official broadcast could capture him making angry gestures for the team’s malfunction, especially in some bad decisions on offense.

Luckily for the Dutch coach and for the rest of the players, Messi he was visited as a hero when he stepped onto the pitch in the 57th minute. The scoreboard was still ahead for the locals and in just a handful of seconds Leo received a pass from Ousmane Dembele in the area, he settled for his skillful leg and drew a left foot that sneaked down at the near post.

Messi was once again the hero of Barcelona (Reuters)
Messi was once again the hero of Barcelona (Reuters)

After the goal, the team changed their attitude. The Argentine became the axis of the game and all the attack plays passed through him. In addition, he starred in some of his typical stacks that although they did not end with celebrations, they served to warn his opponents that he was there.

La Pulga was also key in the 2 to 1 when he filtered a perfect first pass for Jordi Alba, who after reaching the bottom attended Antoine Griezmann. Although the Frenchman did not define correctly, the ball hit defender Víctor Ruiz and ended up going in anyway. Then, he began the action that meant the 3 to 2, by improvising a filtered pass Frenkie De Jong that did not reach its destination, but that allowed Trincao recover the ball in the danger zone and surprise everyone with a powerful shot that landed on the far post.

The performance of Messi, figure of the court once again, brings him closer to a new and unexpected record. It is that with his so much of this Monday, the gunner 27 entering from the bench of substitutes in La Liga and is only one of Julio Salinas, a former Spanish footballer who stood out in clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Athletic Bilbao, Atlético de Madrid and Deportivo de La Coruña, among others, between the 80s and 90s.

Precisely, the former striker had joked about his brand in 2016, when Messi He was far from reaching it: “I don’t know if I will be the only one, but I will be one of the few who can boast of winning or have a record that still does not have the best of all time.” Almost five years later, his record is in jeopardy.


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