Get ready to hear much more advertising in podcasts on Spotify: the insertion of streaming ads arrives in Spain


Through a virtual event that took place this morning, Spotify has offered details on how monetization will evolve in the podcast format in Spain. And it is that just as it happened in the United States in 2020, the platform presents its Streaming Advertising Insertion (SAI) technology.

In this way, the marks they will be able to start carrying out advertising campaigns both in original podcasts and in those that are exclusive for the platform. The event was attended by Rodrigo González, Sales Director of Spotify Spain and Eduardo Alonso, Head of Studios for Southern and Eastern Europe at Spotify.

Audience measurement tools and a breakthrough in monetization for advertisers


For advertisers, this is great news, as now they will have more precise tools to invest in the podcasts of their choice. Spotify will provide advertisers with recommendations and insights based on its own data to reach the desired audience.

Spotify takes another step to be the king of podcasts: add automatic transcripts to read instead of listen

Ads will be embedded natively in the app, so there will be full integration into the platform. When the podcast offers an ad break, in the application we will see the logo of the brand, something that for now will only happen in original and exclusive Spotify podcasts. We will be able to see these advertisements starting today.

‘Spotify Podcasts Ads’ incorporates impression measurement tools, which means that may collect information about age, gender, device type and our behavior on the platform so that advertisers can offer relevant content in podcasts.

The podcast format has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. This has caused companies to invest more and more in this type of content, giving rise to this type of measurement tools. According to one of the studies that the platform has mentioned at the event, in 2024 it is expected that more than 500 million users will enter the consumption of podcasts at an international level, a consumption that we have been seeing grow more extensively, especially since the last four years.


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