Ghost of Tsushima is crowned as another great exclusive surpassing 8 million copies sold


Sucker Punch has announced this achievement through a message on the game’s official social networks.

In 2020, Ghost of Tsushima became one of the most loved games by PlayStation fans. The title of Sucker Punch moved the story of Jin Sakai along with a beautiful artistic section and addictive gameplay, which has caused it to be one of the most finalized games by players and that Sony is animated with an expanded reissue for PS4 and PS5: Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut.

A new year is time to take stock and start strong, and the best news for the studio has been to be able to announce that the game has sold more than 8 million copies worldwide, becoming one of the most prominent PlayStation Studios exclusives in recent years (although some rumors indicate that it could arrive on PC soon).

“We are surprised and very excited to announce that Ghost of Tsushima has officially sold more than 8 million copies!” shared message on the game’s official Twitter account. “Thank you so much to everyone who has played since launch! We are tremendously grateful for your support!”

The success of Sucker Punch’s work has led to even a film in production based on the video game universe. At the level of games precisely, the study celebrated the first anniversary with curious statistics of the players that they had collected so far, and took the opportunity to add to the game Ghost of Tsushima Legends, the multiplayer section that has also been published separately.

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