Ghostbusters: Beyond Reveals New Specter: ‘Muncher’


For now we already have that Ghostbusters: Beyond It will hit theaters in November this year, unless it is delayed again; but in the meantime we can already take a look at some of the ghosts that await us on the tape. What can most shock fans is the place where the new ghost that will haunt the protagonists has been revealed: at MasterChef Junior, here in Spain.

ghostbusters (1)

It has jumped into the international press through Ghostbusters News. A scenario has appeared in the program in which a huge ghost named Muncher has been seen. He has six arms or legs, blue skin, and numerous wrinkles, which makes him look more like a character from Alice in Wonderland. Fans of the Ghostbusters will notice a certain resemblance to the well-known “Slimer”.

Technically, fans have already seen Muncher very very briefly in the trailer for Ghostbusters: Beyond that was released last year. Hopefully the year does not end we can finally see it in theaters, despite the circumstances. Not surprisingly, the film has moved the director of the original films.

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