Gina Carano lashes out at Disney after firing from the Mandalorian


Disney decided to dispense with the services of actress Gina Carano after some unfortunate statements on social networks, which the company itself described as “abominable.” After a period of silence from the interpreter of Cara Dune in The Mandalorian, she has given a first interview on The Ben Shapiro Show, the show presented by Ben Shapiro with whom she has already agreed to produce and star in a new film.

Accusations of marginalization and harassment

In this interview, which you can see in full below, Gina Carano says she was not “the only person bullied by Disney”. He assures that he has gone through many bad situations and talks about a story that would turn everything published by the media. However, she herself communicates that she will not tell it out of respect for a friend, whom she would seriously compromise. In this regard, he also says that everyone is afraid of losing their job at Disney.

Gina Carano reveals that, supposedly, He learned of his dismissal from The Mandalorian on social media, although it was expected by some of the latest actions carried out by Disney. Here’s how Lucasfilm asked to delete one of their characters from a concept art for the series.

Without a doubt, his harshest words come when he states that it is harassment carried out by Disney and it is not the first time you have noticed it. Carano says that “I have seen the harassment that occurs. I have seen how it happened to many people and I thought that now they were coming for me.” She affirms that she has been closely monitored and the reason for the dismissal was not to follow the company’s ideas, although she also comments that “many people in the same production can say what they want.”

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Ben Shapiro, who conducts the interview, reached an agreement with Gina Carano just after her departure from Disney was announced for the actress to star in and produce a new film for which no further details have been released. On the part of Disney, it seems that there are no plans to find another actress to play Cara Dune in the third season of The Mandalorian, and companies such as Hasbro have already announced that they will stop producing action figures of the character.