Girl from Nowhere Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far


Girl from Nowhere, a Thai mystery-thriller show made by Sour Bangkok, has been the topic of conversation ever since the second season ended. The central character of the show is Nanno. In each episode, she moves to a new high school to find out more about the pupils as well as educators at the schools she went to. She wants to change the way the education system works. To do this, she picks a victim and attempts to right the wrongs that have been done in the country.

Girl from Nowhere Season 1 came out on GMM 25 on August 8, 2018, and the second season came out on Netflix around the world on May 7, 2021. The show was one of the most watched on Netflix in Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. It was also in the Top 10 in many other countries. Even though the series didn’t work its magic in the US, it’s a big hit everywhere else. Fans can’t help but be excited about the show’s third season, which makes sense.

Is there going to be a season 3 of Girl from Nowhere?

Girl from Nowhere hasn’t been picked up for a third season on Netflix yet, but that doesn’t mean much. Netflix did wait at least a month or two before saying whether or not a show will have another season. From this, we can guess that the renewal will be announced in July 2021 or later this summer.

I think that Netflix will have Girl from Nowhere season 3. Even though it hasn’t caught on much in the U.S. yet, it appears to be quite famous everywhere else. Fans are excited to find out what Nanno does next.

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Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Recap

Girl From Nowhere is a well-known show about a girl named Nanno. Nanno is a smart and mysterious girl that ought to be avoided when she’s around. She moves from school to school, and when she gets to a new one, she catches every student and teacher lying or doing something wrong.

Nanno is known to have the ability to live forever. Her main goal was to punish the bad people for what they had done. In Season 2, Nanno has to deal with YURI, her new rival. From Nanno, she received the authority to live forever. Yuri was killed by being pushed into the bathtub, but Nanno’s blood was in the water. She acquired the ability of Deathlessness when she breathed in or drank Nanno’s blood.

At the end of Girl From Nowhere season 2, we see that Nanno’s punishment was too harsh and caused death. To teach Nanno a lesson, Yuri helps Junko, who is mentally ill and wants revenge, punish Nanno. Yuri cuts her hand and gives Junko her blood so she can get the same Deathlessness powers. In the end, we see that Yuri and Junko leave the scene in different directions while Nanno watches them.

Girl from Nowhere Season 3 Plot

Because of how shockingly the series ended, we can be sure that season 3 will be out soon. Last season, Nanno was lying in a pool of blood, and Yuri told her goodbye. The ending made us wonder a lot of things, like whether or not Nanno is dead. Will she get a farewell like Yuri? If season 3 comes, we’ll know everything.

Also, in the end, Yuri says, “Your time is up, Nanno. I will make it possible for people to kill each other. Bye-bye Nanno, What will occur to the world? It’s so much fun!” Then, Nanno’s voice came on and said, “Am I still needed in a world where everybody considers they are free and do whatever the hell they want?”

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Girl From Nowhere Season 3 Cast

Find out who will be in Season 3 of Girl From Nowhere below.

  • Chicha Amatayakul as Nanno
  • Tris Ren as Nanno
  • Naomi Amante as Bam’s Sister
  • Michael Shen as Various
  • Chanya McClory as Yuri
  • Miki Yamashita as Additional Voices
  • Mei Pak as Je T’aime
  • Morakot Liu as Bam
  • Kunchanuj Kengkarnka as Thap
  • Nutnicha Lueanganankhun as Fong
  • Victoria Grace as WI
  • Michelle Mao as Bam
  • Chase Yi as Wit
  • Nicole Fong as Fong
  • Darren Keilan
  • Alex Duong as Thap
  • Joel Ambo as Meng
  • Lynna Yee as Cleaning Lady
  • Atikhun Adulpocatorn as Kai
  • George Tsai as Dad
  • Bekah Jung as Junko
  • Poompat Iam-Samang as Hok
  • Chonnikan Netjui as Mew

How many episodes will Girl from nowhere’s third season have?

Girl from nowhere, Thailand’s newest show, has already been picked up for a third season. The production company announced this by putting out a trailer for Girl from nowhere Season 3 on June 5, 2021. And it was confirmed that the forthcoming season of Girl from nowhere would have thirteen episodes and that each episode would last between 37 and 50 minutes.

Girl From Nowhere Season 3 Trailer

As of right now, there isn’t an official trailer for season 3. Netflix doesn’t make any official announcements like this. You can watch the Girl from Nowhere Season 2 trailer until you hear otherwise.

Where can I watch Season 3 of Girl From Nowhere?

Girl From Nowhere’s first two seasons are already on Netflix, and season 3 will also be on Netflix. Girl From Nowhere fans are very happy to have a third season, and they can’t wait for the next one. Girl From Nowhere will return for a third season on the same service, Netflix.

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What are the Ratings of the Girl from nowhere series?

The Girl from nowhere is a popular series that has been praised by many people all over the world. The show has a good rating, too. Girl from nowhere’s second season has done better in places like Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It was also named one of the ten best Netflix shows in Brazil.

The Girl from nowhere is rated 7.6/10 on IMDb and 8.5/10 on my list of dramas. On Rotten Tomatoes, 78% of people who watched the show gave it a score of 4/5. Anime is for people 18 and up because it has murder, drug use, sexual content, and violent scenes. In most countries, you have to be 18 or older to watch the show. In Germany and Spain, you have to be 16 or older.

Girl from Nowhere Season 3 Release Date

Since there has been no official word on whether or not the Girl from Nowhere will be renewed, there is no date for season 3. But if we look at how long it took for the 2nd season to come out, we can make a prediction. It took three years, but Season 3, if there is one, might not take as long this time.