God of War, analysis and opinions of the game for PC


The 2018 game of the year comes to PC with a port that does not leave anyone indifferent. The improvements go beyond the merely technical, offering a gaming experience that rounds off the masterpiece that was three years ago. In this analysis we tell you why playing God of War again is one of the best news that this beginning of the year leaves us.

For some time now, Sony has adopted the strategy of launching some of the best games in its PS4 catalog on PC. Apart from the controversy or the debate about whether this strategy devalues ​​its exclusivities, or if the benefits within the personal computer market are so great as to start seeing simultaneous launches on PS5 and computers in the future, the truth is that the arrival to Steam and Epic Games of games like Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn or Death Stranding is a great news for those who want to enjoy some of the best titles of the last generation with a good number of technical improvements or, who simply did not have Sony’s hardware at the time.

Be that as it may, the news of the arrival of God of War on PC was a real bombshell. I can add little new to the analysis that our colleague Alejandro Pascual made of the PS4 title that is not already known. Its narrative and action continued through a sequence shot, which has not been replicated to date, a dose of action and combat perfectly measured in rhythm, its content endgame and the development of a character like Kratos and his father-son relationship with Atreus were his main assets to become the best game of the year 2018. During these three years very few titles have come close in terms of quality. The Last of Us Part II and its contender in that edition of The Game Awards, Red Dead Redemption II are the only ones who can, by boat soon, face it in recent times.

Under this premise, analyzing its launch on PC is a task as simple as it is complex. This edition of the game does not include add-ons or exclusive downloadable content, so essentially we are dealing with the same game. At least that is what you may think a priori, but the truth is that during the sessions that I have dedicated to measuring frame rates per second, performance, different graphic qualities and ways to get the most out of the program with my hardware I have gone noticing, once again, wonderful which is the experience created by Cory Barlog and Santa Monica Studio. My sensations have not been to repeat once again with God of War, rather I have rediscovered the game.

God of War can be played with keyboard and mouse on PC

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This is mainly due to the fact that for this analysis I have focused on playing the adventure entirely with mouse and keyboard and, incidentally, checking how well these controls were implemented. The conclusion could not be better. The default settings give a smooth and agile handling that has nothing to envy to the original PlayStation experience, something that makes you forget that you are facing a port. If you add the customization capacity to these basic controls, being able to integrate the auxiliary mouse buttons for quick mechanics such as fixation or aiming, you have a kind of experience that perfectly fuses melee and distance combat in a very intuitive way.

The truth is that third-person action games seem to be conceived and designed to be played with a controller, in many cases this is the case and, natively, this is how God of War was conceived. Those who want to use a controller can adapt to all the possibilities that Steam offers and the response is as expected in all cases. In this sense, the best results They come perhaps from the hand of the PlayStation 5 DualSense with which a better vibration is noticed than with the rest of the peripherals, but which does not take advantage of the adaptive triggers, letting the opportunity to make God of War feel like a one hundred percent title. the new generation.

God of War análisisThe relationship between Kratos and Atreus was one of the great successes of God of War.

My feelings have not been to repeat with God of War, rather I have rediscovered the gameWhichever option you choose, and as long as you have a compatible graphics card, you’ll be able to use the DSLR technology NVIDIA Low Latency from advanced settings. This is my first time experiencing this improvement, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not much into competitive games, the area of ​​preference for these additions, but the truth is that the response times improve ostensibly, something that, added to the unlocking of the rate of images per second, gives Kratos an agility in combat that is translates into a final experience even better than the original.

Does God of War get the most out of your PC

God of War PCThe color and lighting in God of War are simply stunning.

One of the great attractions of this port to PC is the good number of graphic and performance improvements that can be taken advantage of. I have analyzed God of War with my usual team in its version of Steam using an AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core processor, 32 GB of RAM and an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super graphics card. With this in mind I set all graphics settings to ultra, 4K resolution and turned on vertical sync. The first result was already excellent at the performance level with a stable average rate of 40 images per second. So if you have a graphics card that does not support the technology DLSS 2.0 Base accounts with very good performance to play with from the graphics and video configuration menus.

By turning on NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling and focusing on getting the highest quality possible, I’ve managed to hit a stable 55 frames per second. Obviously, we are already talking about a very good performance ratio, but it should be remembered that the frame rate of God of War on PC is unlocked, so looking for a gaming experience at 120 images per second in 2K or HD resolution is another option that you can opt for. In any case, the title continues to look impeccable, it is true that some textures and shading begin to show the passage of time, but they are such minor details that it is easy to go over them.

God of WarThe world of God of War, Midgard, is full of secrets.

If you can’t use DLSS, you can improve resolution at the sacrifice of performanceIf you don’t have a graphics card capable of taking advantage of DLSS, God of War gives you the chance to improve resolution while minimally sacrificing performance thanks to the FSR de AMD. Obviously the degree of improvement is not comparable, but it is useful and it is appreciated that Jetpack Interactive has implemented the two systems to provide a quality response to the entire market. To all of the above we must add that the title comes with the possibility of changing the aspect ratio to 21:9 to adapt it to ultra-panoramic screens.

As for the sound, in general it feels more intense, with good attention to nuances and bass. However, there is no type of special configuration option for it from the settings and this improvement may be directly attributable to the use of hardware other than the PlayStation version.


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