God of War on PC has helped the development of Ragnarok, which will have more accessibility options


From Santa Monica they openly talk about what they have learned with the arrival of Kratos on PC.

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This week the fantastic God of War has made its appearance through the front door in computers. The title of Santa Monica It has been released on Steam in native 4K and enhanced graphics, giving PC gamers a taste of the Nordic experience previously only available to PlayStation owners.

But as good as it is, it’s not the franchise’s biggest release scheduled for this year. In 2022, God of War: Ragnarok should arrive, the sequel to the first part that we have discussed, and it seems that its development has benefited from the port to PC, as they openly comment from the Californian studio owned by Sony.

God of War: Ragnarok

According to statements from the director of user experience and accessibility of Santa Monica, Mila Pavlin, Ragnarok will correct some playable aspects of the saga thanks to what the computer version of the title originally released in 2018 has incorporated. Its development has allowed them to discover new ways of make the title more accessible, offering more options and possibilities for players to customize the experience.

Has laid some groundwork for RagnarokMila Pavlin, of Santa Monica“He’s laid some groundwork,” he comments for PC Gamer. “A lot of accessibility features require you to change your view of how you’re creating content. The PC port has allowed us to go back and review how we were building some of the underlying code.” Mila sets a good example of this, highlighting the role of run automatically that has been entered on PC, without having to hold down the key in question. “A lot of gamers find that button a bit difficult to use,” he explains, referring to the L3 on PlayStation controllers.

Therefore, it is expected that Ragnarok will be much more comfortable at the controls than the first installment of this reboot of Kratos with Atreus. Still no specific date confirmed for the sequel beyond 2022, although a leak pointed to the second part of the year. Be that as it may, it is the last game in the Nordic saga, as Cory Barlog explained in 3DJuegos.

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