Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

According to a statement from the network, EPIX will air Godfather of Harlem’s third season in 2022.

In the critically praised thriller helmed by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein, Forest Whitaker plays notorious 1960s gangster Bumpy Johnson.

Godfather of Harlem’s third season, which is expected to launch on 15 January of next year, has an official teaser that has been posted by Epix.

One thing is quite clear: Bumpy Johnson still owns Harlem, and he is not about to relinquish that control any time soon. This is despite all the strain and mounting tensions depicted in the trailer.

Bumpy Johnson declares in the beginning of the trailer that he won’t give up his freedom. In the first season, Bumpy—who had spent the previous 10 years behind bars—returned to find his kingdom in shambles.

His strategy includes selling heroin as a way to reclaim power, but his supply was destroyed, and he is in serious financial trouble. Joe Colombo with the Italians may be included on Bumpy’s list of issues.

Due to his predicament, he and his family are now in their sights, but Bumpy isn’t one to give in. The CIA is intently observing everything he does as this storm intensifies all around him.

The rights movement with the criminal underworld are thrillingly combined in The Godfather of Harlem.

Godfather of Harlem examines some of the more turbulent periods in US history and features some of the most well-known civil rights activists.

Bumpy is losing control over Central Harlem as he continues to refuse to “bend the knee” for the five Italian families.

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He is compelled to look for an alliance that shifts the equilibrium of power since he can’t defeat all of his adversaries at once.

There is tension under the air, and it’s possible that this is a suicide mission, however the majority of people need to keep in mind that Bumpy owns Harlem.

When Forest Whitaker took on the role of Bumpy Johnson in The Godfather of Harlem in 2019, fans immediately related with his portrayal of the character.

Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Release Date

The project acquired a series order from Epix on April 25, 2018, for a first season with 10 episodes that will run in 2019.

The series will be written by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein, who will also serve as executive producers with Markuann Smith, Forest Whitaker, Nina Yang Bongiovi, James Acheson, and.

Additionally, Brancato will direct the programme. Among the production companies working on the project are ABC Signature Studios as well as Significant Productions.

John Ridley will helm the premiere episode of the series, it was revealed on June 19, 2018. On February 12, 2020, the comedy received a second season renewal; its premiere date was slated for April 18, 2021.

On January 13, 2022, a third season of the show was ordered. So by December 2023, Godfather of Harlem Season 3 may certainly be anticipated.

Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Cast

  • Forest Whitaker as Bumpy Johnson
  • Luis Guzmán as Alejandro “El Guapo” Villabuena, a close friend and associate of Bumpy’s
  • Nigél Thatch as Malcolm X, an old friend of Bumpy’s and Muslim minister in the Nation of Islam
  • Ilfenesh Hadera as Mayme Johnson, Bumpy’s wife
  • Antoinette Crowe-Legacy as Elise Johnson, Bumpy’s heroin-addicted daughter-turned Muslim
  • Rafi Gavron as Ernie Nunzi, a violent associate of Vincent’s
  • Lucy Fry as Stella Gigante, Vincent’s daughter
  • Erik LaRay Harvey as Del Chance, one of Bumpy’s most trusted enforcers
  • Elvis Nolasco as Nat Pettigrew, Bumpy’s other trusted lieutenant
  • Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Teddy Greene, an aspiring musician and Stella’s boyfriend
  • Demi Singleton as Margaret Johnson
  • Vincent D’Onofrio as Vincent “The Chin” Gigante
  • Paul Sorvino as Frank Costello
  • Chazz Palminteri as Joe Bonanno
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
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Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Trailer

Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Plot

By Whatever Means Necessary: The Times for the Godfather of Harlem, a docuseries based on the serial, premiered on November 8, 2020.

The plot of Harlem’s Godfather is based on the actual tale of infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson, who, upon his release from prison in the beginning of the 1960s after serving ten years, saw the neighbourhood he had formerly controlled in ruins.
To take back control on the streets through the Italian mafia, Bumpy must face the Genovese criminal family.

He forms an alliance alongside Muslim preacher Malcolm X during the brutal battle, placing Malcolm’s political ascent in the sights of social discontent and a mob war which threatens to devastate the city.

Mafia boss Bumpy Johnson, represented by actor John Goodman, comes to Harlem after serving 10 years in prison and discovers that the area has transformed.

He is working to regain control of the region since it has now been taken over by the Italian mafia.

His acts launched an unforeseen chain of occasions that might potentially destroy the city as a whole.

‘American Gangster,’ a movie that was released in theatres in 2007, is reported to have been inspired by the television programme.

The commentators singled out Bumpy’s intricate design as one they admired. On the other side, a number of critics have voiced reservations about the sometimes jumbled plotlines.

Bumpy Johnson will continue to contend with rivals for dominance of Harlem in season three, including the Cuban Mafia in adjoining Spanish Harlem.

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Bumpy, his family, and his town will be in the sights of not just the competing Italians but also deadly Latin assassins and, eventually, the CIA if they take on the Cuban mafia.

The fight for civil rights and the criminal underworld collide in The Godfather of Harlem at one of the most turbulent periods in American history.

Season Three opens with Bumpy Johnson still engaged in a power struggle with rivals vying for the reign of Harlem, including the Cuban Mafia of nearby Spanish Harlem.

Bumpy, his family, and his town will be in the sights of merciless Latin assassins in addition to the CIA and the competing Italians if they decide to take on the Cuban mafia.

The civil rights movement and the criminal underworld collide in “Godfather of Harlem” at one of the most turbulent periods in American history.