Godzilla vs. Kong has a new poster


Godzilla vs. Kong is getting closer and closer, and to celebrate it, Legendary have decided to announce the arrival of their first official trailer next Sunday… and they do it with a new poster. Of course, it does not contribute much, and it is still a shortened version of what we already knew.

On this occasion, the name of the film and the information that it will hit theaters and HBO Max are the most representative, along with the text of the tweet in which we are told that it will be Sunday when we have new visual material, beyond what we could already see (very little) in the presentation of the content of HBO Max this year 2021.

Here’s the Tweet:

To address the issue that caused the “dual” release deal in theaters and Netflix, Warner Bros. is working on more deals and increased pay for filmmakers and their teams given the studio’s unprecedented move this 2021 on HBO Max’s do not stick exclusively in rooms.

The deals will be based on HBO Max rates in part, “guaranteeing payments regardless of box office sales to increase bonuses based on impact.”

Source: Comicbook

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