Goldeneye 007 on Xbox? The appearance of new achievements related to the game sets off the alarms


The Nintendo 64 classic was close to having a remake for Xbox 360 by Rare, although it ended up canceled.

Golden Eye 007

Goldeneye 007 es one of the most influential shooters in the industry, also one of the most loved by Nintendo 64 players who were able to enjoy the brilliant adaptation of the film starring Pierce Brosnanas well as its fantastic local multiplayer up to four players. This is one of Rare’s great works from his time at Nintendo and has been reinterpreted with proposals such as the Eurocom remake.

55 new achievements totaling 1,000 Gamescore pointsBut this time, it has been the database that collects information from Xbox Live, TrueAchievements, which has revealed a list of achievements corresponding to the classic Goldeneye 007 from Nintendo 64. It is about 55 new achievements totaling 1,000 Gamescore points. Almost a year ago, we learned the story of the frustrated remake for Xbox 360.

Xbox has already tried to recover Goldeneye 007 on other occasionsThe Rare project started as something secondary, a work on the original code where they remodeled the visual aspect of the classic and in which we could toggle between the classic and the modern look, a function similar to that seen in games like Halo CE: Anniversary. Although finally, Rare gave the green light to focus on him, it was canceled.

Own Phil Spencer commented that after try to bring the game back several times, they ended up giving up due to difficulties with the license and the rest of the parties involved. The list of achievements published on Twitter has been shared by Grant KirkNog, composer of the original soundtrack of the game. The new findings add to the suspicions raised after the end of the ban on gambling in Germany at the active request of a person or entity to reopen the case.

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