Good Morning, Veronica Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Everything We Know Far


This is the 2022 Brazilian television series Good Morning Veronica, which was created by Raphael Montes. The plot of the series is based on the novel Bom Dia, Veronica, which was written by Raphael Monte and Ilana Casey. Gustavo Braganca, Carol Garcia, and Davi Kolbb collaborated on the writing.

This book was lawfully published in Portuguese and was brought into existence by the detained José Henrique Fonseca, Rog De Souza, and Isabelle Jaguaribe. The central focus of the story is a girl by the name of Veronica, who works as a clerk at Sao Paulo’s murder department, where she is responsible for handling routine paperwork.

As she learns about a lady who was killed at a police department, Veronica has the opportunity to demonstrate that she is capable of fulfilling her ambition of becoming a detective. As she attempts to solve the mystery, she discovers that the persons responsible for the woman’s death in the police department were relentlessly pursuing her family after the disclosure of the alleged victim’s armed troops and prophets. Her family was therefore effectively exploited as a weapon for blackmail.

Will there be a Good Morning, Veronica Season 3?

Season 2 of “Good Morning, Veronica” debuted on Netflix on August 3, 2022. Six episodes, each lasting between 45 and 55 minutes, make up the second season. A third season has not yet been formally confirmed as of this writing. Before making any firm judgments in that area, Netflix will probably want to examine viewing statistics and compare them to the cost of production.

The possibilities have decreased as there is no longer any source material for the narrative. Moreover, the second season lost its way and received little to no attention. Thus it’s hard to make comments if we follow the trends.

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Who appears in Good Morning, Veronica Season 3?

  • Taina Muller as Veronica
  • Camila Morgado as Janette Cruz
  • Eduardo Moscovis as Claudio Antunes Brandao
  • Elisa Volpatto as Anita Berlinger
  • Antonio Grassi as Wilson Carvana
  • Silvio Guindane as Nelson
  • Adiano Garib as Victor Prata
  • Johannas Oliva as Lima
  • Reynaldo Gianecchini as Matias Cordeiro
  • Klara Castanho as Angela Cordeiro
  • Camila Mardiall as Gisele Cordeiro
  • Ester Dias as Gloria
  • Liza Del Dala as Carol

Good Morning Veronica Season 3 Plot

Fans were shocked and left with some unresolved questions after seeing the season 2 conclusion. At the conclusion of the episode, Giselle comes out of hiding to work with Angela, and Angela eventually breaks Matias’ hold on authority when she speaks out against him at a church service.

In addition to Gloria Volp whistling against Matthias, Matthias’ church riches are waning, and this is causing a number of women to come out against him, which is causing widespread law enforcement controversies. Matthias still has a few soldiers, however, and one of them, Dome, appears very ferocious. Dome is tricked into taking Lila, Veronica’s daughter, by Mathias.

The cliffhanger in the plot might be resolved by showing that Mathias never left Veronica’s side and that the identity of the Dome would eventually be revealed if Season 3 is prolonged. To the dismay of the viewers, it can turn out that he is a person we already know under a different name upon further research. Gloria Volp will likely continue to play the lead role in a prospective third season, taking center stage. Veronica will fight to protect her family’s safety in the meanwhile. In any case, season 3 will undoubtedly combine an inquiry with a new family saga.

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Good Morning, Veronica Season 2 summary

Veronica was more determined than ever to take down the mafia after Janete’s demise in the first season. She murdered Claudio before pretending to be dead to get away from the police. Veronica’s investigation into the mafia’s operations started in season 2 when she was posing as Janete.

Violence and abuse were the season’s main themes, especially when perpetrated by con artists posing as spiritual healers. The antagonist of Season 2 was Matias, a fictitious family man with magical abilities who could cure anybody of any illness.

But, as Matias’ crimes become more extensive, Veronica’s goal to expose Matias, whom she believed to be the mafia’s operational leader, becomes more challenging. Like Janete, Veronica’s connection to the villain this season was Angela, Matias’ daughter. After numerous devastating disclosures and fatalities, she was ultimately able to have Matias imprisoned with the support of their alliance.

What country is Good Morning Veronica from?

The Brazilian crime thriller Good Morning Veronica, which follows police investigator Veronica Torres, is engrossing, dark, and inventive. Good Morning Veronica, also known as Bom Dia, Verônica in Brazil, is a gritty and hard-hitting criminal show that doesn’t pull any punches as she tries to look into two unconnected homicides. You should have a strong stomach for certain situations, we would like to warn you.

Release Date For Good Morning Veronica Season 3

Following the first season of “Good Morning, Veronica” with its eight episodes debuted on October 1, 2022, season 2 with its six episodes debuted on August 3, 2022. Each season’s debut day saw the release of every episode, which had a running duration of 41 to 55 minutes.

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As of the right moment, neither Netflix nor the show’s producers have announced that season 3 will be renewed. Nevertheless, if the program is short to be restarted, its probable release date might be somewhere in the fall of 2023. We can clearly see the potential of a third season if we consider the level of production, audience reaction, and suspense at the conclusion of season 2.

Where can I watch Season 3 of Good Morning Veronica?

If Good Morning, Veronica is really renewed for a third season, it will only be accessible on Netflix, similar to the previous seasons, which are still viewable there.

Is Good Morning Veronica worth watching?

The problem is that nobody else in the department seems to be worried about either of the two cases Veronica now needs to look into the serial rapist and Claudio Brandao. It also looks like certain detectives are purposely working against her.

While the content of Good Morning Veronica is dark and often violent, making binge-watching challenging, you will be engrossed by the interwoven subplots. The characters, actors, writing, storylines, and subplots are all dead on and totally realistic in their depictions of domestic violence, which is less about violence and more focused on creeping horror. You’re in for a treat if you see Good Morning Veronica with subtitles because of its reality and intensity, which will appeal to lovers of the criminal genre. What Good Morning Veronica Season 3 has in store for us is something we’re curious about.