Good News: Number of patients recovering from corona, more than new cases of infection, so many under-treated patients in the country

new Delhi: The Union Health Ministry said on Saturday that the number of patients recovering daily from Kovid-19 in India is more than daily new cases and at present the number of under-infected infected people in the country is 2.5 lakh which is only 2.43 percent of the total cases. In India, 19,079 cases of corona virus infection were reported on one day on Saturday and 22,926 people became infection-free during the same period. This has resulted in a decline of 4,071 in the total under-infected infectives in a 24-hour period. Also Read – Corona Vaccination in Delhi: Delhi government’s big announcement – Coronavirus vaccine will be free

At present, 62 percent of the total cases of patients being treated for infection are in five states – Kerala, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. The ministry said that in the last seven days, the number of new cases of infection per million population in India is 101, which is much less than other countries. In the last seven days in Brazil, Russia, France, Italy, America and Britain, there have been relatively more cases of infections per million population. Also Read – Covid-19 in Delhi: Things are improving in Delhi, less than 500 new cases of corona infection for the first time in seven months

So far, the total number of people who have been healthy due to infection in India is nearing one crore. At present, this number is 99,06,387. “The difference between the number of healthy people and those being treated is increasing gradually and it is currently 96,56,204,” the ministry said. He said that 78.64 percent of new cases of healthy people were reported in ten states. And are from union territories. Also Read – Coronavirus Strain: Four Passengers Returned from UK to Gujarat Infected with New Coronavirus Strain, Sent Hospital

In Kerala, 5,111 people recovered from Kovid-19, while in Maharashtra the figure was 4,279, while in West Bengal, the number of people getting infection-free within a day is 1,496. 80.56 percent of new cases of infection are from ten states and union territories.

In Kerala, 4,991 new cases of corona virus have been reported in the last 24 hours, 3,524 new cases were reported in Maharashtra on Friday and 1,153 new cases of infection in West Bengal. The ministry said that in the last 24 hours, 224 people have died due to corona virus, of which 75.45 percent are from ten states and union territories. 59 people died in Maharashtra, 26 in West Bengal and 23 in Kerala.

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