Goodbye: From the commander of the students’ union to the chair of CM three times, Tarun Gogoi made such a mark in politics

new Delhi: Tarun Gogoi Passed Away, a three-time CM of Assam, has passed away. Congress leader Tarun Gogoi was seriously ill for the past several days and was hospitalized. Tarun Gogoi was 84 years old. Nine years ago, at the age of 75, Tarun Gogoi was sworn in as CM for the third time. He remained CM till 2016. The 2011 Congress (Congress), led by Congress leader Tarun Gogoi, won an absolute majority. This was the third time in a row that the Congress, led by Tarun Gogoi, gained Assam power. Tarun Gogoi had a charismatic influence among the people of Assam. Also Read – Former Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi passed away, recently defeated Corona

Such was the political life of Tarun Gogoi
Tarun Gogoi held many big positions in his political career. Along with being a minister in the central government, he was CM three times. It originated in early student life. Tarun Gogoi was born on 1 April 1936 in T-Estate, Jorhat district of Assam. Tarun Gogoi did elementary education at Government Boys School. Attended Assam Inter College. Then graduated from JB College. LLB degree from Guwahati University. In the life of Tarun Gogoi, politics was done in the early days of studies. He was in the Students’ Union of JB College and Assam Inter College. He was also the general of the students’ union at Jorhat College. Also Read – Tarun Gogoi Health Update: Former Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on ventilator, condition extremely critical

The first election was fought 52 years ago (First Election of Tarun Gogoi)
In 1968, Tarun Gogoi landed for Jorhat’s city council election. This was the first time when he entered the electoral arena to become a public representative and was also successful. After that, he stepped up rapidly and became a Member of Parliament, winning a major victory in the fifth Lok Sabha election in 1971. In 1976, the Congress gave him a big responsibility and made him the Joint Secretary of the All India Congress Committee. Tarun Gogoi was elected MP for 5 consecutive times. He also became MLA many times. Made a minister in the central government. Also Read – 6 sisters gang-raped to see sick mother in hospital, 6 people gangraped

Became CM for three consecutive times, it was Karisma
In Assam, the Congress won in 2001 under the leadership of Tarun Gogoi and Tarun Gogoi was made the CM. After this, the Congress also won in 2006 and Tarun Gogoi became CM for the second time. Even in 2011, Tarun Gogoi remained invincible and became CM for the third consecutive time. In 2011, the Congress got an absolute majority. This was the first time in 20 years that a party had got an absolute majority. It was the charisma of Tarun Gogoi that even after 10 years in power, the Congress got an absolute majority for the third time.

Tarun Gogoi was considered to be the best administrator. After negotiating peace with militant organizations like ULFA, Tarun Gogoi made a brilliant effort to eliminate the problem of insurgency from Assam, in which he also got a lot of success.

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