Goodbye Relief, Indore: The poet who brought ‘Assam to the ground’, read his 20 selected lions


RIP Rahat Indori, here are his best sher and shayari: Famous Poet Relief Indore (Rahat Indori) Did not live in this world. Rahat Indouri died during treatment of Kovid-19. District Collector of Indore Manish Singh confirmed. He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a private hospital here after being found infected with the corona virus.

Today (Tuesday) morning, the 70-year-old poet himself tweeted that he was aware of his contagion. “My corona virus was tested yesterday (Monday) after initial symptoms of Kovid-19 showed that the infection was confirmed,” he said. Indauri further said in the tweet, “Please pray (I) to defeat this disease as soon as possible”. Born on 1 January 1950 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Rahat Qureshi aka Rahat Indouri’s father’s name was Raftullah Qureshi, who was a textile mill employee, his mother’s name was Maqbool Unisha Begum.

Relief, one of the poets that gave Urdu a new and modern identity to the world stage, is a loss that cannot be repaid by leaving the world. Today we are sharing with you a few select lions of the famous poet Rahat Indouri. Rahat Indauri when the lions read on stage in their special and very amazing accent, the thunderous applause did not stop. One of their lions is ‘Sky Laay Ho Le Aao’, Keep it on the ground .. People like it very much.

20 selected lions of Rahat Indori

1. Bring the sky and bring it to the ground.

Do not put it in my hand, and put it somewhere,
Bring the sky, keep it on the ground!
Now, where will we go to find our murderer
You are accused of murder, keep it on us!
On which she has given some broken lamps,
Take the moon stars and keep them there!

2. Calls but does not leave
Calls but does not go
This world is not here to go

My son love someone
But no way to go

Keep the ground even if you want it
If you go then don’t stop

Scoop up the stars
I don’t go home empty handed

Everything is spread everywhere
The atmosphere is not dead

He measures the neck
But don’t be afraid of bloodthirsty

3. ‘Hindustan of one’s father is little’

If you are against, let it be, life is a little
It’s all smoke, there is little sky

If there is fire, the house will come in many times
Our house is only a little bit here

I know that the enemy is no less but
Like us there is a little life on the palm

What comes out of our mouth is always
You have a little tongue in my mouth

Those who are Sahib-e-Masanad today will not be tomorrow
The tenant has a small house

Everyone’s blood is included in the soil here
India has a little bit of one’s father.

4. Eye the Storm
Shake the storms, hit the floods
Skip the seafloor, swim across the river

It is such a cold that even the sun asks for prayers
Who should he ask for a quiz in whatever happens

5. I feel pity for fakery
I feel sorry for my princes
Those who ask for the sweat of the poor

Open the words, got an eye, answer me
How many times have i looted

Open flower shops, trade fragrance
If you love, do this account not once, do it hundred times

6. The world is beautiful
Keep an eye on the spit
Keep a lot of tricks if you want to stay alive

7. The man just keeps on riding
The world is very beautiful make it worse

8. Darya is very proud of himself
Those who get entangled with my thirst, fly away

9. Keep water in your eyes, keep a spark on your lips
Keep a lot of tricks if you want to stay alive

10. Dariya is very proud of himself
Those who get entangled with my thirst, fly away

11. Eye the storm, hit the floods
Skip the seafloor, swim across the river

12. Kissed the poison inside, washed away
How many decent people were there?

13. Neither we will travel nor will we get out of any drugs
Our thorn will come out of us

14. I wish there was no wall in the courtyard
My brother, keep the land on my side


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