Google Maps ‘Immersive View’ uses AI to help us see inside a place before we’re there: here’s how it works


Google has been announcing all its product and ecosystem news through its Google I/O event, which kicked off yesterday with big headlines. The most prominent have been the arrival of the Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, Pixel Tablet, and improvements in its AI to analyze documents and images. Nevertheless, there was another detail related to Google Maps that blew us away.

The company announced a great improvement for Maps that would arrive progressively in certain cities. We talk about your ‘Immersive View’a twist to StreetView that will leave us view an AI-generated city view from any angle. In addition, it also offers us the possibility of seeing the interior of places and restaurants as if it were an extension of the street.

A new way of seeing the city and choosing the perfect spot

The idea with this new feature is to expand the possibilities of Google Maps. This Immersive View uses artificial intelligence and 3D rendering to simulate data in real time. The feature is detailed via a post on Google’s official blog.

“Thanks to advances in computer vision and AI that allow us to fuse billions of street view and aerial images together to create a rich digital model of the world, we’re introducing a whole new way to explore with Maps. With our new Immersive View, you’ll be able to experience what a neighborhood, landmark, restaurant or popular spot is like, and even feel like you’re there before you step foot in. So whether you’re traveling somewhere new or exploring hidden local gems, the immersive view will help you make an informed decision before you go.”

As can be seen in the video, with this feature it is possible to see a deeper view of the city, obtaining more detail in tourist places, monuments, buildings, parks, and much more. In addition, it is possible to modify aspects such as the inclination of the sun when looking at a specific place, or even change the weather, all in a 3D rendered environment.

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The feature adds details like birds flying over buildings, animated landscapes, or even body reflections in water. The tool will also be of great help to us to get to know the interior of some places of leisure and gastronomyone more element to facilitate our decision.

Google plans to launch this tool on virtually any device that can use Google Maps, starting first in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo, with scheduled for release later this year. From Google they affirm that the function will soon arrive in more cities.


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