Google Meet improves the edge of its effects and saves on battery thanks to cloud processing: this is how it works


Among the features that Google Meet offers to liven up video calls, we have the effects for the camera, which allow us to blur the background or put a different one to give meetings a fun touch. However, the recognition technology used by Google to apply these effects is not perfect, and sometimes the image and the edges are corrupted when we move too much. To correct this and by the way take work away from our PC, have opted for cloud processing.

Effects in Google Meet are dramatically improved thanks to cloud-based effects processing. In this way, our team will no longer only be in charge of processing the effects through hardware, but Meet will switch to cloud processing automatically when it is detected that this will achieve a better experience.

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When the equipment is somewhat more limited in terms of specifications, the effects fail more frequently, since it depends above all on the processor of our computer to be able to apply the filters and effects of Google Meet. This makes the application unable to correctly detect the edges of our body and image glitches.


Image: Google

To solve this, Google has chosen to use hardware in the cloud in order to process the information received from the camera and improve the generated effect. This, in addition to improving the experience of the effects, also makes the tool consume less computer resources, and therefore, the battery of our laptop last a little longer while we are using Google Meet.

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According to the company, this new improvement would save 30% of CPU resources, improving performance especially in computers with four cores or less.

The update is now available to everyone, and since it is a web application, the user does not need to do anything to enjoy these new improvements. According to the company, this new cloud-based processing is available for both background blurring and highlight filter. The company works to implement this also in the substitution of funds.


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