Google revealed Raj, what Indian women do to look beautiful in selfie ..

According to a global study conducted by Google, ‘filters’ (the technique of beautifying the picture) are the most used in the US and India to take good selfies. In contrast to Germany among the participants in the study, Indian people did not express much concern about the effect of ‘filters’ on children. Also Read – Google Photos Free Storage: Google’s free service stopped getting, know details

According to the study, more than 70 percent of the pictures are taken from the ‘front camera’ (camera above the screen) in ‘Android’ device. There is a lot of trend among Indians to take selfie and share it with other people and they consider ‘filter’ as a useful way to show themselves beautiful. Also Read – Lust Stories: Kiara Advani was scared of the vibrator scene, Karan Johar himself did not understand anything…

The study said, “Indian women are especially excited to make their photos beautiful and for this they use many ‘filter apps’ and ‘editing tools’. For this, pix art and makeup plus are most commonly used. On the other hand, most of the youth use ‘Snapchat’. Also Read – Who is the wife of cricketer Rashid Khan? Google said Anushka Sharma’s name – know what is the reason!

She said, “Taking and sharing selfies is such a big part of Indian women’s lives that it affects their behavior and even domestic economics. Many women said that if they had to take a selfie, they would never wear clothes worn for this. “

According to the study, Indian men too are not behind in taking selfies and using ‘filters’, but they pay more attention to the story behind the picture than how they look themselves.

Indian parents did not express much concern about the effect of ‘filters’ on the children there. He was very comfortable about the use of ‘filters’ by the children and he sees it as a fun activity.

The study said that Indian parents were more concerned about their children’s excessive use of mobile phones or the privacy and security of smartphones.