Google threatens to remove your search engine from Australia


Google he has threatened with delete your search engine in Australia, and Facebook say what will remove your news from the boards of Australians if a law that forces digital platforms to negotiate payments to new companies goes ahead.

The information comes from The Guardian, who tell us that this would affect the 19 million Australians who use Google every month, and also the 17 million who will not be able to see news on their Facebook feed.

The proposed law is currently in the hands of parliament and would force these digital platforms to negotiate a price with news companies for using their content. Furthermore, it is said that there would be an alternative price if no agreement is reached.

Google issued its ultimatum to the Australian government on Friday, January 22. The truth is that it would be highly unlikely for us to know how to live without Google services in most cases, if only due to the absence of the search engine, which today is embedded in any browser.

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