Google will let us create a virtual card for our purchases on the Internet from Chrome: this is how it works


Google has shown many new features through its Google I/O event, where we could see a brief preview of the Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, Pixel Tablet, and even everything related to its software and AI improvements. During these last two days of announcements we have also obtained details about new features coming soon to the ecosystem. One of them is the possibility of creating virtual cards through Google Pay.

This new feature is intended to protect users’ bank details on the Internet. With the creation of a virtual card, the user would not have to insert the card number in the purchases we make on the Internet. Google plans to integrate this system into its Chrome browser.

A virtual card to protect us in our online purchases

Currently there are systems such as Paypal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, among others, as a means of protection when making purchases over the Internet. However, there are websites that do not offer compatibility with these services, having to enter our credit or debit card to complete the process. This is where Google’s virtual card would help us. This would be linked to our bank account, and would help not to show our card number on websites.

google pay

The virtual card will be generated automatically once the function is activated, and It would work for both one-time purchases and monthly subscription payments.. If there is a box to complete with our bank details, Google will use the virtual card instead of our card number and thus protect us against alleged security breaches that may occur on the websites that we buy.

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Users will be able to view and modify information through Google Pay. To use a virtual card, all we have to do is add a card to Google Pay and the virtual card will be added as the primary option when using autocomplete in Chrome.

This feature will first come to the Android and desktop versions of Chrome. Later the company will launch the function for iOS. The service is expected to start in the United States, initially being compatible with Visa, Amex and Capital One cards. Google expects the feature to be compatible with Mastercard this year as well. There are no details yet on when we will have the feature in Europe, so we will have to wait until we know more about it.

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