Google’s dinosaur grows wings: so we can make it fly and easily reach the highest score


Google implemented years ago in Chrome a way to entertain us for those occasions when we don’t have an Internet connection: the dinosaur game. It is a classic, and if we want to play it on our own, there is no need to wait until we run out of Internet. Although the game is very simple, you have to be very boring to reach your highest score, which is 99,999 points. However, there is a way to do it without even having to control our beloved T-Rex: transforming him into a flying dinosaur.

With the help of the Chrome console we can modify almost any aspect of the game to our liking. With a simple trick we will show you how to make our dinosaur fly and accumulate score automatically.

How to make Google’s dinosaur fly

With the Chrome developer tools it is very easy to modify all kinds of elements on websites locally. In this case, our intention will be to make our dinosaur fly to avoid obstacles without us having to do anything. A user on Reddit has shared his code, and to make it work, you just have to follow the steps that we indicate below.

the dinosaur flies

The first of all will be to open the game, which you can do through this link. Once here, we have to open developer tools. For this we just have to right click on any area of ​​the game and enter the option ‘To inspect’.

Once the tool is open, we must click on the tab ‘Console’ at the top, and enter the following line and press ‘Enter’:

Runner().tRex.groundYPos = 10;

By doing this, the dinosaur will begin to float above the obstacles. We can change the value of ’10’ to whatever we want.

Playing the Google Chrome dinosaur jumping and crouching in real life is possible thanks to Arduino


With this other command what we do is modify the speed of the dinosaur. As we have mentioned before, here we can also modify the speed to our liking.


Finally, what we will do is insert the GIF of some wings on his back through the code that we have left in the image, in order to give our dinosaur a more stylish touch. We can change the URL of the GIF for another to our liking.

When inserting this last code, the wings may be out of square. This is because you are using a resolution other than 1920 x 1080. For it, you have to modify the parameters of the position until the wings are well placed on the dinosaur.

Once this is done, we can close the console and enjoy the transformation of our beloved dinosaur. Although, if you were waiting for something to happen after reaching the maximum score, we are sorry to give you bad news, because only the counter will be reset to zero.


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