Gotham Knights combat system gets a co-op-centric redesign


WB Games Montreal has revealed that, while Gotham Knights It will have an air similar to that of the Arkham Batman saga, the combat has been totally redesigned to work well for the cooperative of the game.

In an interview with GamesRadar, WB Games Montreal, developers of Batman: Arkham Origins, have talked about this change and how players can expect more “variety and challenges” in Gotham Knights.

“We have completely redesigned the combat system to work well in cooperative mode,” said Fleur Marty, executive producer of Gotham Knights. “Of course, it’s still a brawler and many mechanics will be familiar to people who enjoyed the Arkham series, but in many ways it is different.”

Featuring two-player co-op, Gotham Knights follows the story of Batgirl, Robin, NIghtwing and Red Hood as they try to protect Gotham City after the fall of Batman. There will be five areas of the city to be explored by players and their colleagues and many classic enemies from the Batman saga to stop.

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