Gotham Knights will have the biggest Batman city, but it’s not the only promise from Warner Bros.


Moving with the bat-bike and other vehicles “or special abilities” will be necessary in the DC Comics RPG.

In addition to Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Robin (Tim Drake), Gotham Knights has a fifth protagonist who has gone quite unnoticed until now: the city. How big is it? In a recent interview the team at Warner Bros. Games Montreal addresses the issue, assuring players of a sizable city, where, for example, Barbara Gordon’s Batcycle has a lot to say.

“It’s pretty big. I haven’t put one map on top of another, but our Gotham City is a big place. I spend a lot of my Zoom video calls on the Batcyle. It’s one of the quickest and most relaxed ways to get around the city.” , says Geoff Ellenor, director of the video game, in a talk collected by Game Informer. For her part, Fleur Marty, producer at WB Games Montreal, goes one step further, assuring that it is the biggest version of Gotham seen to date“The most important thing for us is density and verticality. It has many layers,” he adds.

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And is it a living city? When talking about extensive maps, not a few users begin to tremble at the idea of ​​finding themselves with a large but empty stage. In an interview with Vandal a few days ago, Fleur Marty talked about a more dynamic and interactive Gotham. “For the first time we are going to have a Gotham City that is truly a living city. There are people with their businesses and things like that“.

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“Of course…First, this is Gotham. There’s a lot of crime out there, especially since Batman’s dead. You’re not going to have street parties and stuff. Besides, our game takes place at night“, he adds. “But depending on which neighborhood of the city you go to, we have really tried to give the feeling that you are in a living city,” adds the executive producer of the RPG.

We have really tried to give the feeling that you are in a living cityFlower MartyIt is also a varied city. In the industrial zones there will be less people and more suspicious activities, while in central places we will find more nightlife, clubs, and other similar events that will respond to the player’s actions. “You’re going to see things going on around you, sometimes you’re going to scare a bunch of people partying on a rooftop while avoiding a crime. We just want you to see the citizens you’re saving“.

As a curiosity, the map of Batman: Arkham Knight had a size of 5 square kilometersfive times larger than the one in Batman: Arkham City.

Gotham Knights comes out on October 25 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S after canceling its PS4 and Xbox One versions to offer a superior gaming experience. New topics will be covered in the coming weeks, such as what side activities members of the Bat-Family will be able to do around Batman City. Meanwhile, you can take a look at his latest trailer starring Nightwing.

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