Government is preparing to privatize all government schools in the country, know what is the truth…


Fact Check Viral News: Recently, a news report claimed that the central government is planning to privatize all government schools across India, the news has gone viral on social media platforms. In a report published in a Hindi newspaper, it has been said that the Modi government wants to privatize all government schools in the country. However, contrary to the claim, the government has not taken any such decision. Also Read – Viral: Beggar has set an example for this, donated thousands of rupees for Kovid Relief…

Quoting fake news, “PIB Fact Check has tweeted with #FakeNews. PIB wrote “According to some media reports, it is being claimed that government schools will be privatized throughout the country. This claim is fake, no decision has been taken by the government in this regard. Also Read – OMG! Thousands of people put together a pool party, viral pictures, in the corridor which spread across the world from Wuhan

PIB has stated that in particular, privatization is a process of allowing some state welfare services to be run by non-state or private parties educational institutions. In which the privatization of education is to allow private institutions to run educational institutions for monetary benefits. In this way, these rumors and discussions about the privatization of colleges and schools are not right. No concrete decision has been taken in this regard yet.

The government has warned of such misinformation and appealed to the people to trust only reliable sources, along with the Press Information Bureau in December 2019 to curb false and fake news prevalent on the internet. This fact-checking branch was launched. The aim was to “identify misinformation related to government policies and schemes circulating on various social media platforms”.


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