Grab it any way you can: Liam Neeson says Seth McFarlane suggested he star in it


Liam Neeson say what Seth McFarlane It has haunted him with the idea of ​​starring in a reboot of Grab It Like You Can, a possible opportunity for them to work together since they filmed A Thousand Way to Bite the Dust in 2014.

The news comes through an interview with Neeson on People, in which the actor has talked about how he plans to retire soon from action movies, thus opening up to other genres such as comedy. Well, this “adventure” could begin with the reboot of Grab It As You Can.

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Seth McFarlane has suggested to me that he and Paramount Studios could resurrect the saga.“Neeson counted.”Maybe it would be the end of my career, or I could take another direction. I really don’t know.”

Grip It As You Can is a three-movie saga that began in 1988 and is based on the television series “Police Squad!”, Which only ran for six episodes before being canceled. Leslie Nielsen comedies as Detective Frank Drebin.

While waiting for an official confirmation, fans of comedies can get excited about the idea of ​​the return of a saga like the one at hand.

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