Gran Turismo 7 reveals its required space on PS5, with a size smaller than Gran Turismo Sport


Polyphony’s driving title is one of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives for 2022.

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In less than a month and a half we have an appointment with Grand Touring 7, the new driving installment of Polyphony Digital for PlayStation that will try to win over those who, away from the competitive multiplayer component, are looking for a more classic experience. Combining both worlds, the title will seek to have a strong commitment to collecting, which made us wonder what its size will be on the different platforms.

Thanks to the official PlayStation website, we have learned the storage space required by the game on both PS4 and PS5. In addition to needing a subscription to PlayStation Plus to play online and indicating that up to two players can play locally, there is a 110 GB space required, that is, what we will have to leave free on our disk to be able to install it.

The pre-download would arrive on February 25It should be noted that this does not specify the size of the game on its launch day. For that more specific information, we went to PlayStationSize, an unofficial account that usually correctly advances the number of gigabytes occupied by games on Sony consoles. They emphasize that Gran Turismo 7 will have a size of 89.5 GB on PS5 without taking into account the day one patch to which companies have accustomed us. The pre-download would be available from February 25.

If confirmed, the size is, without a doubt, a striking figure. To put in context, Gran Turismo Sport occupies more than 100 GB at the moment, so the seventh installment would occupy less than its predecessor. Surely it will end up being surpassed due to the updates that will be arriving, but at the beginning it is a surprising comparison to say the least.

Gran Turismo 7 releases on PS4 and PS5 next March 4, with a large number of cars, extensive customization and expected circuits and other old acquaintances returning. This is the case of the Daytona International Speedway, which will be available again this year after disappearing after the sixth installment. From it we had a video with gameplay that allows us to see the cars rolling along the track with both interior and exterior camera shots.

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