Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

In the American cartoon show Gravity Falls, the characters solve mysteries. It is, in fact, the smartest Disney cartoon series, and Alex brings it to you!

The episodes are available online, on Hotstar Kids, and on Netflix. In February of 2012, the last episode of Season 2 of our new favourite animated show, “Gravity Falls,” aired. Fans really liked it, so they asked for more.

Critics were very positive about Season 2 of Gravity Falls. We think fans will like the season 3 of Gravity Falls and give it good ratings.

Ride on! And let’s see what we know about the most-anticipated next season of Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls: Season 3 is indeed an animated comedy mystery show from the United States.

The series was made by Alex Hirsch for the Disney Channel as well as Disney XD. The show follows Dipper Pines as well as his twin sister Mabel as they go about their lives.

They are sent to Gravity Falls, Oregon, to have a summer with one‘s great-uncle Stan. Oregon is indeed a secretive town where strange things happen and strange creatures live.

The kids to help Stan run his tourist trap, the Mystery Shack, and also look into mysteries in the area.

On June 15, 2012, the first season started. On August 1, 2014, the season 2 of Gravity Falls came out.

Fans of Gravity Falls are very happy that there will be a third season and would like to understand more about it.

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We know you’re excited, so here’s everything you need to know about Gravity Falls’s third season.

In the American cartoon Gravity Falls, there are a lot of mysteries to solve. Alex brings you some of the smartest Disney cartoons. You can watch the episodes on Hotstar Kids or Netflix.

In February of 2012, we watched “Gravity Falls,” the last episode of Season 2. Fans loved it, and they asked for more.

Gravity Falls Season 2 has been praised by almost all critics. Fans should like Gravity Falls Season 3, which is what we think will happen.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date

After watching the first two distinct seasons of this show, fans can’t wait for the next season and new episodes. All of them want more amusement and want the next season to come soon.

The last episode of Gravity Falls season 2 was shown on Netflix in Feb 2016. After the second season came out, the show’s producer wanted to end the show.

He told him that he shouldn’t drag out the story excessively and that he should end this series. But the fans wanted more, so they asked for the next one.

We don’t know anything about the next season of Breaking Bad, so maybe the next season has been cancelled.

There hasn’t been any news about whether or not Gravity Falls will get a new season. So, it’s better to say that show has been decided to cancel and then that season two will be the last one.

But you never understand what will happen in the future, so you may receive a season if it the people who make the show decide to make it after people ask them to.

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Gravity Falls Season 3 Cast

Dipper Pines’ voice is done by Jason Ritter. He will be the main character in Gravity Falls and Mabel Pines’ twin brother.

Mabel Pines is voiced by Kristen Schaal, who will also be a main character and Dipper Pines’ twin sister.

Stanley Pines, who will serve as the twins’ uncle and be voiced by Alex Hirsch, is a greedy person who still loves them.

Soos Ramirez is played by Alex Hirsch. He will be 22 years old and work as a handyman just at Mystery Shack.

Wendy Corduroy, played by Linda Cardellini, is a 15-year-old girl who works component just at Mystery Shack and has a crush on Dipper.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Trailer

Gravity Falls Season 3 Plot

The story of this animated version is about two close relatives who really are 12 years old. Both of their names are cute: Mabel and Dip Pines. The cousins are going to have a daring summer vacation in the woods near ‘Gravity Falls’.

Soon, they find out a lot of hidden things about the town. This is shown in a diary that Dipper finds by accident in the woods.

This diary tells them a lot of tricks and some big secrets about city, which helps each other enjoy the city and have a great summer.

The show will not be returning for an additional season on Disney Channel. We don’t know much about the plot of the season 3 of Gravity Falls, so we can only guess at what will happen.

But we think that the next season will pick up a story where the last one left off. Dipper and Mabel Pines are expecting a boring summer when they arrive in Gravity Falls, Oregon, in which their great-uncle Stan has a store.

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But trying to find a strange laptop in the forest explains some weird stuff about town and the strange people who live there.

Gravity Falls ends with Stan making a big sacrifice to save Mabel and Bucket from Bill Cypher’s evil.

After Bill Cypher died, both Mabel and Dipper said their goodbyes to their loved ones. When the long summer was over, they left Gravity Falls and went back to California.

The exhibition is about two 12-year-old cousins named Mabel and Dipper. They are going to spend the summers in the Gravity Falls woods.

People know the show for its animation, wit, and writing. The cousins learn hidden things about the city. The show hasn’t been picked for the forthcoming season yet. Check back with us for news.

The plot for Gravity Falls’s third season has not been shown. There are rumours that the show has already did end with its season 2, so we don’t know much about the plot.

But if Disney decides to give the show a third season, the story would probably pick up in which the second one left off.