GTA III y Vice City: Take Two elimina remakes de fans


Fun news from Take-Two: They put down a couple of Grand Theft Auto-related fan projects on GitHub, and that alerts fans of the supposed remasters that were rumored for PS5 and Xbox Series X while we wait for GTA VI. And it is that yes: it was, as you may have guessed, remaster projects of GTA III y Vice City, to which news was administered.

The intervention in both games has been notified by @ TezFunz2 on Twitter, and although we cannot assure that this has something to do with the possible new versions, it does give food for thought. Take a look at the tweet:

Translation: a Do you remember the fan project with its own engine that modernized GTA 3 and Vice City? Take-Two has brought it down. It is not a big surprise given the impact it had on the media a few days ago.

Source: Comicbook

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