GTA: rumored Vice City and San Andreas remasters


Rumors, this is what is new in the GTA forums, where there have been many leaks of the saga over the years. Now the thing is that in this quarter, Rockstar could be preparing a “surprise” before the arrival of GTA VI: another remaster. This one not from GTA V, don’t worry, but from Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City y San Andreas at once. And yes, for the new generation.

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And this (acceptable) possibility where does it come from? Well, it is not a simple cabal, but on Twitter, the GTA photo manager, “uNi“He shared in a publication one of some prepaid cards made by a fan, which read” 2001200220042013B46 “. Take a good look at the numbers and pay attention to the following: GTA3 was launched in 2001, GTA VIce City in 2002, GTA San Andreas in 2004 and GTA V in 2013.

For now, mobile phones are a good option to play these adventures in addition to digital platforms (GTA San Andreas is still very enjoyable on consoles and PC, for example, where they continue to discover curiosities).

Source: Comicbook

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