Guerrilla slows down Horizon Zero Dawn updates on PC


Guerrilla announced yesterday, Tuesday, January 20, that the release of patches for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC it will be slower because they are focused on working for the sequel.

In a post on the Guerrilla website, it was announced that patch 1.10 is now available for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition on PC, which “fixes crashes and improves performance.” Guerrilla has said that there will be more updates to the compatible version, but they will focus more on Horizon Forbidden West.

“Our development team continues to work on Horizon Forbidden West, so we will be making less frequent updates to Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC after this latest patch,” the statement read. “Please note that we will continue to monitor our community as always.”

Horizon Zero Dawn was released on PC in August 2020, three years after its arrival on PS4 in 2017. The PC port has visual improvements, but some performance glitches. That’s why fans are always on the lookout for new improvements, although it seems that that will not be so immediate from now on.

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