Hades will not be in this week’s Xbox Indie Showcase despite his image appearing in official art


This coming Friday, March 26, 2021, Xbox will offer its first major event focused on independent titles. And many users were looking forward to the announcement of Hades coming to Microsoft consoles.

Something logical, considering that those expectations were not based on rumors or leaks, but rather on a promotional image of the event announcement, created by Microsoft itself. However, today the Redmond have confirmed that Hades’ presence on the lineup was a mistake and that players should not wait for an announcement on the live.

As Gamingbolt reports, to understand the news we have to go back to a post from the official Xbox News account on Twitter. The same one that posted the wrong image and responded to today by ID @ Xbox’s chief marketing officer, Glenn Gregory. As you can see below, this one has explicitly stated that Hades will not be among the list of games scheduled to be shown in this showcase:

“Hey, just to set expectations correctly, no, Hades will NOT be appearing on Friday’s show. His inclusion in that art piece was a mistake.”.

Regarding the event, by now we know that games like The Ascent and Second Extinction will be shown. In addition, it has been commented that STALKER 2 will also be present in some form, although it has also been confirmed that there will be nothing new about the game.

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And as for Hades, it is likely that the art of this direct was a mistake, but it did appear there, it could also be because Microsoft is preparing something for the game in the future. It is likely that the game will eventually reach Xbox and PlayStation consoles, although right now it is only on PC and Switch.