Halo Infinite co-op delayed to ‘prioritize game optimization across devices’


The creative director of Halo has spoken of the ‘painful decision’ that it was, although he is sure that they did the right thing.

Just a few days ago since we received the great news that Halo Infinite was already in ‘gold’ status, having finished its development, however, the premiere of the campaign will arrive with an important absence, the classic cooperative mode so characteristic of the franchise, which will not arrive until Season 2.

I work on Halo, but I’m still a Halo fanJoseph StatenAbout this he has spoken Joseph Staten, director creative de Halo in an IGN interview echoed by GameSpot, where Staten has confessed how difficult it was to make this decision. “I work on Halo, but I’m still a Halo fan. The cooperative campaign is essential to the experience. Playing Halo with your friends is playing Halo, whether in multiplayer or campaign, so of all the decisions we had to make, the co-op lag was the most difficult“.

Halo Infinite

The reality is that the cooperative was not readyJoseph StatenDespite the challenges they faced, Staten has been proud of what it understands as a proof of study commitment with the franchise to “only launch experiences when they are ready, only launch quality experiences“The creative director has emphasized the importance of meeting expectations.” The reality is that the cooperative was not ready and we decided to prioritize our efforts in other areas. “

Staten has confirmed that prioritized optimization of Halo Infinite to run smoothly on all devices where it will launch, including the first Xbox One model. “That was a bigger goal than the cooperative launch.” Staten claimed. The arrival of the cooperative to Halo Infinite is expected to May 2022, with the end of Season 1. The Halo Infinite campaign is about to arrive and in 3DJuegos we will tell you about the reasons why it is captivating us.

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