Halo Infinite, Final Fantasy and big announcements in the best of the month in video games


We close a year that has brought us several weight releases, the last this month with Halo Infinite, but it seems to be the prelude to 2022 where there will be no rest between all the great games that are to come, several of them protagonists of new trailers and announcements during these weeks. We review the news and premieres of December.

After the barrage of launches in October and November, little is usually left in December, but what happened came steadily and eager to assert its name. We speak, of course, of Halo Infinite, which after not arriving in time for the premiere of Xbox Series X | S last year was released in stores now with a good note and falling in love with both veterans and new fans. Together with him we had a wide repertoire of independent developments, as well as the return of a very successful saga years ago as Big Brain Academy: Batalla of ingenuity willing to fill with fun Christmas family reunions for those who own a Nintendo Switch.

What you lack in launch may be left over in current news. For several seasons now, the industry has seen fit to save a final arreón for the first weeks of December on the occasion of the The Game Awards ceremony, an event where the best releases of the year are distinguished but in which the titles to come are also protagonists, from the closest ones like Elden Ring to proposals that seem to go on for a long, long time, like Star Wars: Eclipse, the bet on the Lucasfilm saga from the creators of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. There has been much more to highlight during these days, and as always at 3DJuegos we want to offer you a summary with the main headlines and releases.


Platforms: PC For: Pendulo Studios

With everything explained in this analysis you get a good idea of ​​what Aeterna Noctis is, a demanding 2D metroidvania, tremendously imaginative in each and every one of its levels and exploration mechanics that perhaps lacks a little more punch in it. separated from combat. However, it is a beautiful work, with an artistic and sound section that seduces from the first minutes. A game that manages to surprise from its beginning to its very end. Aeterna Noctis is the perfect closure for 2021, an essential title for lovers of the genre. -RECOMMENDED-

Platforms: PC, PS4 For: Vertigo Games

After the Fall is an entertaining and frenetic multiplayer VR FPS. Killing waves of the Infected is a real pleasure thanks to its different levels of difficulty that ensure the acquisition of more rare equipment. The cross-play between virtual reality platforms, as well as its accessibility options with automatic or manual recharge, make it a cooperative experience suitable for all types of users. Despite not having more than five scenarios in PvE and two in competitive, it is a title that you can go to on a recurring basis. After the Fall is one of those great titles that justifies the purchase of a virtual reality glasses. -RECOMMENDED-

Platforms: PC For: Pendulo Studios

Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo is a fine reimagining of the 1958 celluloid classic. Packed with script twists and turns and a completely new story built on the foundations of the original. It can be blamed that at times it extends more than it should, thus discovering its weak points in the plot. Playable is scarce, it could well have been the same plot and dialogues to the cinema or television and the result would have been the same. Artistically, it hits the ground running because of the modeling of the characters’ faces and highly improvable facial animations. A narrative adventure that can please those looking only for a good plot and whose great supporter is its excellent dubbing into Spanish.

Platforms: Switch For: Nintendo

Brain Academy works well in the specific context for which it was created. Among friends, family and people who are not very fans of playing video games, it goes perfectly. However, it becomes short and limited if the goal is to challenge yourself; but that is not what it was created for. Fortunately, he knows how to limit himself and explain himself well, arrive at a reduced price and become a great accompaniment for these parties or a few afternoons. If you enter his proposal, the video game will give you many sessions of pique and laughter thanks to the tremendous accessibility of what he proposes. It’s pretty, it’s very nice, and it catches. Anyone can play this title and will have fun with it. And since that is what you are looking for and that is what you get, I can not do anything but recommend it. -RECOMMENDED-

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia For: Fishlabs

The Fishlabs studio has signed a great job with its first production aimed at current desktop gaming systems. Chorus is a very entertaining space shooter, which has very good mechanics and can be enjoyed enormously during the course of each battle. In addition, you can see that it has been a product made with great care, since both its narrative and its visual style, dubbing (in English with subtitles) and sandbox and RPG brushstrokes suit it wonderfully. A proposal that has a lot of personality and that is as brave as it is plausible. One of the most pleasant surprises that we have taken for this Christmas campaign in which we are already immersed. -RECOMMENDED-

Platforms: PC, Xbox For: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite was expected to have a spiritual reboot celebrating 20 years of history with the next logical step for the franchise. 343 Industries has served this purpose in good measure, with an interesting and well-woven plot, the most satisfying shooting sensations of recent times, and an impeccable deal with all platforms. There is nothing particularly bad about this game: we just would have liked a more exciting or interesting open world, and a more courageous or original level design. Leaving those little details aside? An essential launch. -RECOMMENDED-

Platforms: PC, PS4, XOne For: Vine

Pocket Dungeon manages to survive the enormous legacy of Shovel Knight and takes all its essence to a new genre with a proposal that finds a middle ground between action and puzzle strategy. Although its learning curve is demanding, it is just as rewarding to master its rules and discover the best ways to survive the Pocket Dungeon in a game whose variety offers untold hours of experimentation with highly original and addictive mechanics. -RECOMMENDED-

Platforms: PC, Xbox For: Image & Form

The Gunk provides us with a very interesting adventure that works for the short space of time that it can last you. The mystery that surrounds his approach to investigate a distant planet, is complemented by a good setting and simple but successful playable dynamics. It doesn’t go any further due to its lack of ambition, but as a single player linear advance third-person 3D adventure, it can give you a good experience if you connect with its interesting proposition.

Other featured premieres

  • Loop Hero. Before available on PC, now on Nintendo Switch.
  • ¡¡Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!! Disponible en Nintendo Switch.


Halo Infinite, Final Fantasy and big announcements in the best of the month in video games


Halo Infinite, Final Fantasy and big announcements in the best of the month in video games



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