Halo Infinite presents its DLC of ‘Mister Chief’, a common meme among fans of the Xbox game


The 343 Industries game closes the year 2021 with a downloadable pack that costs 2,000 credits.

By Sergio Bustos / 83 reviews

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite It is one of the main titles of this end of the year. He has dismissed 2021 with a remarkable launch after going through numerous difficulties, and 343 Industries It can boast of having a multiplayer that has convinced fans of the franchise a lot, despite the problems that were initially found with the progression and experience that the title offered.

Represents the Master Chief in a comical wayTo continue keeping players active, the game regularly adds content. There are more serious things, referring to challenges or temporary events, but there is also time to be nice, and that is why they have announced the Mister Chief Packdownloadable content that will make some fans happy.

This is a reference to a same habitual from the series, created by Halo boss Frank O’Connor and depicting the Master Chief in a comical way. Includes a weapon keychain, vehicle sticker, and a new AI model, among other things. Its price is 2 000 credits, something that has been quite criticized by the community, which has considered it too expensive.

Whether you enjoy Mister Chief or not, the truth is that Halo Infinite has had a much happier ending than was anticipated in the past. Justice has been served to the Master Chief with a title that represents quite a nostalgia kick, without losing the identity of the franchise but offering the most satisfying shooting sensations in recent times. If you want to know more, take a look at the Halo Infinite review.

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