Halo Infinite Promises Imminent In-Game Store Price Changes


From 343 Industries they assure that they have been listening to the community to “learn and improve for the future.”

The chief designer of 343 Industries has already come to the fore on other occasions to talk about aspects to improve Halo Infinite multiplayer, and on this occasion, Jerry Hook has done so to confirm that the studio is working to implement item shop changes over the next week.

The changes will begin next Tuesday 18Hook has shared that at 343 Industries, they have been closely following discussions around the store, packs, and pricing since launch, which would have led them to work on changes based on feedback and data collected from the community. These will start starting next tuesday 18, where we will find “lower prices across the board”, with higher value packs and items outside of them.

Halo Infinite

From the study they have shown committed to “trying new things” for the rest of the season, so “learn and improve looking to the future”. Hook encouraged the players to continue sending their impressions and signed off by reminding the players of the evento Cyber Showdown, which will take place coinciding with the changes in the store.

Cyber Showdown will take place as a free event of retrofuturistic aesthetics, with cyberpunk cosmetics and neons. It’s been a little over a month since the return of the Master Chief and he has done it in style, with a key installment for the future of the franchise and the most ambitious of 343 Industries. If you want to know why this is an essential shooter, remember that you have our Halo Infinite review available.

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