Halo Infinite submits to the verdict of 3DJuegos readers. Has it lived up to expectations?


Halo Infinite promised great things for the Halo universe, does it live up to expectations? In this new Final Verdict we talk about one of the most anticipated action video games of recent years, and we let 3DJuegos readers debate the strengths and weaknesses of the new 343 Industries game.

Fans of the Halo saga have had to be very patient but after almost six years of waiting, the Master Chief He has come back in style with what promised to be his best and biggest video game to date. Have you succeeded? The expectation was enormous around Halo Infinite because 343 Industries from the beginning he sought to offer something new; something different but at the same time faithful to the Bungie series. And that great change comes with the bet on a gigantic open world that we can freely explore from the beginning of the adventure. But… does the Halo formula really change? And does it do it for the better? To who 3D Games We highly value the renewed action of Halo Infinite, although there are details that have left us with a bittersweet taste in our mouths. We love exploring the Zeta ring and its fighting is really fun, but some problems with artificial intelligence and mission design have also left us wanting more.

There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the development problems of Halo Infinite, which would have removed some of the cornerstones on which this new universe was built to reach the stores along the way. What did you think of it? After enjoying the game during the last weeks, we open the debate in this new Final Verdict where we hope you share your impressions with what is undoubtedly one of the great releases of 2021. Has it lived up to expectations? What did you like the most about Halo Infinite? And what would you change? It should be remembered that the 343 Industries game has been released without the long-awaited cooperative multiplayer or the Forge mode, which will arrive in the coming months, which has undoubtedly also been a setback for many fans of the saga.

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Halo Infinite

  • Gender:
  • Action

  • Creators:
  • 343 Industries

  • Release date:
  • 8/12/2021

  • Platforms:
  • XSeries, PC, XOne

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  • All about Halo Infinite / videos

Cortana is gone, the Master Chief has lost everything and the UNSC troops face certain death in the Zeta ring, where the Outcasts led by the fearsome Escharum They have found a refuge from which to strike down their enemies with fury. With this daunting prospect the action of Halo Infinite kicks off, allowing us to freely explore a vast battlefield as we seek answers to the many enigmas with which the Halo Infinite story begins. What happened to Cortana? What do the Outcasts want? What dark secrets does this new ring hide? 343 Industries and Xbox propose to discover it with an epic action adventure that takes the Halo shootings to a terrain unexplored by the saga: the open worlds.


Halo Infinite submits to the verdict of 3DJuegos readers.  Has it lived up to expectations?

  • A gigantic open world where you can enjoy the best Halo action
  • True to the Bungie heritage but with new features like the hook
  • The best multiplayer in Halo … and free for everyone
  • An exciting story with a more humane Master Chief than ever


Halo Infinite submits to the verdict of 3DJuegos readers.  Has it lived up to expectations?

Chris Lee, Director of 343 Industries until October 2020. “Halo Infinite is the beginning of our platform for the future. We want Infinite to grow over time, rather than those numbered installments and divisions that we had until now. It is about creating Halo Infinite as the beginning of the next ten years of Halo, and building as we go along with our fans and our community. “

Chris Lee, Director of 343 Industries until October 2020. “You are going to feel Halo Infinite as something very fresh, full of potential. A new adventure. I guarantee that you have never played a Halo like this before. You are going to arrive in a universe that is in the middle of a war, with a story as a background behind everything you do. “


Halo Infinite submits to the verdict of 3DJuegos readers.  Has it lived up to expectations?

3DGAMES: Must see

Assessment: “Assessment: “Halo Infinite expected a spiritual reboot celebrating 20 years of history with the next logical step for the franchise. 343 Industries has served this purpose in good measure, with an interesting and well-spun plot, the most satisfying shooting sensations of recent times and an impeccable deal with all platforms. There is nothing particularly bad about this game: we just would have liked a more exciting or interesting open world, and a more courageous or original level design. Leaving those little details aside? An essential launch “.

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Gamespot (90): “Halo Infinite strives to transform all that it means to be a Halo game, turning the Master Chief into a father figure to a naive young artificial intelligence in an open world setting. It has been a risk that has paid off. for the saga, as Infinite is an incredible video game. Certain elements of the story are somewhat lazy and the mind-boggling hook makes the rest of the Boss team feel little by comparison, but these are minor flaws for the one who feels like a one of the best Halo campaigns in years, and an excellent evolution of what Halo can be. “

IGN (90): “The Halo Infinite campaign is exactly what the series needed. It brings out the best of the Master Chief’s unique and satisfying combat style, and brings back old ideas to create memorable moments. His story falls short for veterans and new players alike, but The six-year wait has been worth it. “

EGM (80): “Halo Infinite elegantly handles the legacy of this saga. Sometimes, as with the story of the campaign, it can feel like 343 Industries is burdened by the weight of the Master Chief’s Mjolnir armor. But the more daring design decisions, such as the open world or the hook, they make it feel exciting and fresh. Multiplayer may be a little playful to satisfy longtime fans, but the worst that can be said about it is that it feels Like an old school Halo, so it’s doing something right. It’s a Halo made for Halo fans, but new enough to feel fresh. “

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Halo Infinite submits to the verdict of 3DJuegos readers.  Has it lived up to expectations?


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