Halo Infinite will allow you to customize the controls


In a new blog post, 343 Industries has announced that Halo Infinite It will feature customizable control across all platforms and has showcased some classic Halo weapons powered by the new Infinite engine.

Quinn DelHoyo, Sandbox designer on Halo Infinite (and weapons during the early stages of production) has detailed on the blog how developer 343 Industries is focusing on accessibility and customization for players with its control schemes.

“Everything should be intuitive and we don’t want the player to have to ‘fight’ with the game to have fun,” said DelHoyo. “It’s because of this and the fact that it’s coming to PC that we have to re-map the controls, regardless of the platform. How players control their Spartan is crucial and we recognize that they will feel more connected to the game when customizing. be complete. “

343 Industries has said more on the blog, adding that the company has a team dedicated to improving PC controls, as well as feedback from a pro team on the compatible Master Chief Collection version.

We leave you below with the images of the weapons:

Today we told you that one of the Halo Infinite developers explained how the game will be optimized to work properly on all platforms, not only on Xbox One.

In the latest Inside Infinite development blog from January 2021, Danielle Giannetti of the Game Foundation has talked about how the studio has rebuilt the engine to ensure that the game works optimally on all devices it is released on (Xbox One , Xbox Series X / S and PC).


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