Halo Infinite’s lead narrative designer leaves company for ‘new chance’


Aaron Linde has not specified his new job title, and considers Halo Infinite to be one of his greatest achievements.

Although the Halo Infinite campaign has been around for just under a month, multiplayer still has much to offer. So far, we know that it will recover its first event in the next few days and it is possible that 343 Industries will surprise us with more game modes which still remain hidden in the title files. However, not all developers will continue on the Master Chief’s journey, and this includes Aaron Linde, main narrative director of the installment.

I am very grateful for having been part of itAaron LindeLinde, who has also participated as a writer in Battleborn, has announced his resignation on Twitter without first remembering everything he achieved with Halo Infinite: “Bittersweet news report: I am leaving 343 Industries to continue a new opportunity in 2022. It was a terribly difficult decision; Halo Infinite will remain one of the proudest achievements of my career for the rest of my life. I am very grateful to have been a part of it. “

In addition, Linde also appreciates all the work of her colleagues and the affection of the players for the Master Chief’s new adventure: “I want to thank my dear colleagues at 343 for making the best game I have ever worked on, our incredible voice cast for elevating our work on every line, and our players for joining us on this wild journey. You have made 2021 an incredibly special year for me”.

This does not mean that Linde is completely disassociating himself from the Master Chief, because as Marcus Lehto, co-creator of the franchise, he can continue to experience these shooter adventures as one more player. Halo Infinite has marked part of 2021 and, although it has had a most hectic development, its result has captivated many nostalgic fans of the saga.

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