Halo: Reach still lives on Xbox 360: your demo works and you can find more players for online games


Xbox shut down all online servers for Halo for Xbox 360 last December.

Halo: Reach

Just over a year ago, Halo fans on Xbox 360 received a bad news: The company ceased the online service of the games as of December 2021 (action that was finally carried out yesterday). Halo: Reach was one of these affected games, because although it is available in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it no longer allows multiplayer games to be formed on the old Microsoft console. Up to now.

As discovered by the user Gamecheat13, Halo: Reach still lives on through its demo. With a couple of screenshots, he shares the process of searching for more players to start an online game, which, as can be seen in the images, still works perfectly. So if your Xbox 360 still has the Halo: Reach demo, know that you can still experience more moments on your Xbox 360. multiplayer.

In the event that you do not have this trial version, the same user has published the demo on Twitter for descargar in archive form, so there are few excuses not to return to this adventure. At the moment, Microsoft has not intervened in this anomaly, so the Halo: Reach online is still available as long as we have the demo.

After all, gamers have never parted ways with Halo: Reach, something they’ve proven multiple times with really hard goals. On the one hand, we learned of the case of a user who had dedicated 8 years of his life to make a spectacular jump from the top of an almost inaccessible tower, while the rest of the community has been trying to get to a very strange easter egg. acclaimed.

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