Halo: the Master Chief Collection could hit the Epic Games Store


343 Industries has announced that there will be a new place and a new way to play Halo: The Master Chief Collection in the near future.

343 has revealed the news in their latest MCC Weekly Flighting update, and they have said that while things may change, they are trying to offer fans of this Halo collection a new way to play.

And while many fantasize about seeing Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PS5 or Switch, but it seems that it will not be the case: it would be more about that it could reach the Epic Games Store or who knows if to Xbox’s Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on iOS and PC.

The Master Chief Collection would not be the first Microsoft game to reach the Epic Games Store, there is also State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition, which is now available.

In Cloud Gaming, Microsof already confirmed that the beta for iOS and PC would arrive in spring, so it is something that could be because of that. There was recently an update that allowed it to be enjoyed at 4K and 120FPS on Xbox Series X and gave gamers a chance to experience the title.

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