Happy New Year 2021 Gift Ideas for Friends & Family


New Year is all about a fresh start and taking up of new ventures. In this situation too, though you can celebrate with your family and have a good enough time to cherish the rest of your life. You can make those moments special still by exchanging presents with each other. If you are wondering what to gift then we have something that could probably help you out.

2021 gift ideas for family and friends 

Celebrating the New Year is something unique to every individual. While some may be happy with sending last day of the year quotes to their loved ones and wishing them luck for their endeavors and journeys, others would rather gift something the people close to them to make the moment more memorable. For such a crowd we have a list of gift ideas that they can try out.

  • Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts are the best option if you are trying to gift something to people close to you. It would show them how much you care for them to take time out to make them something worth remembering and cherishing.

  • Gift hampers

This is a great gift to send in bulk. For instance, if you are looking for a decent gift idea that would work for all your relatives, then a hamper containing everyday items of use such as shampoos and perfumes of good quality could be a brilliant idea to opt for.

  • Chocolates and sweets

The traditional way is always the safe way to go. It is tried and tested and there is thus little chance of anything going wrong with this one. Sweets are anyway a good and auspicious way to start something new.

  • Customized items
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These again are a safe option to go with. No one would not use a coffee mug. You could print a picture of the person or their name on it and gift it to them. It would be even better if you somehow could include yourself in the picture too.

A year ago no one would have thought that such New Year would also exist- minus all the fun and merry-making. But then again, it is what it is.


Can I gift a hamper to my parents?

This would be an individual’s call. On a more general note, it would be a better idea to gift them something hand made rather than a hamper.

Where can I get coffee mugs with the happy New Year written on them?

These kinds of mugs are quite easy to get. You can order them online from any site that you know, or even look for them in your local stores.