Harry Potter: 9 Strange Things That Happen In The Wizarding World We Just Accept


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Hermione Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is difficult, even when J.Ok. Rowling is not randomly spewing out factoids about it. A lot in order that if one watches the flicks sufficient occasions, numerous questions begin to pop up, which results in bizarre conclusions we simply have a tendency to just accept.

We do it out of affection, or blind fandom, and that is okay. Nonetheless, there’ll come a time in all of our futures after we present a film from the Wizarding World universe to family members, future kids and even grandchildren, and a query we by no means contemplated will get requested. Be at liberty to get forward of it by a few of these curiosities I’ve had through the years, and the way we by no means actually drill down on a few of these issues on this franchise.

Hogwarts Universal Orlando Studios

Hogwarts Is ‘Effectively Protected’, However Not Actually

Hogwarts is touted as one of the vital magically protected places within the Harry Potter films, however as those self same films present, that does not imply a lot. Dumbledore personally employed a handful of males immediately affiliated with Voldemort, and for all of the protecting measures the college had in place, none of them ever actually prevented college students from grave damage and even loss of life. Hell, even Ron and Harry have been in a position to fly a automobile onto campus, and solely the Whomping Willow tried to cease them. That’s to not secure if you happen to ask me.

Love Potion Harry Potter

Folks Take Potions To Trick Others Into Love Or Impersonate Different Folks, And That’s Positive?

Id theft and consent are taken fairly severely within the Muggle world, however issues are a bit completely different on the earth of magic. One would think about the problematic nature of enchanting somebody to really feel love for you’ll be morally frowned upon, and but, it does not seem to have any authorized ramifications within the magic world. It is problematic, and but, not even Hermione had objections to impersonating their friends after knocking them out.

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Hedwig Harry Potter

Owls Are An Insanely Inefficient Means Of Communication

Owls are the most typical type of sending messages within the Wizarding World, however even after we contemplate that the books have been initially set within the ’90s, that is remarkably inefficient. Floo Networks (speaking by means of a hearth) are a far sooner technique of communication, as are enchanted mirrors. Owls can take days to ship messages, they should be cared for and so they could possibly be killed in transit! I simply discover it onerous to consider such an inefficient system persevered whereas Muggles have been adopting the web and e-mail.

Great Hall Harry Potter

Younger Witches And Wizards Presumably Finish Standard Studying At Age 11

Of all of the issues we see taught at Hogwarts, math and science aren’t one in all them. Granted, numerous science in all probability ceases to carry up given a number of the loopy stuff one can do with magic, however one would nonetheless assume math is one thing that may turn out to be useful for a few of these individuals as they go ahead in life. Ending major education at 11 appears far too younger, even when you need to use spells to make meals.

Olivander Harry Potter

There Aren’t A Lot Of Job Choices For Wizards

If a witch or wizard wasn’t born into the Muggle world, and by no means accomplished conventional Muggle education previous age 11, they do not have numerous profession choices. There is a seemingly infinite provide of jobs on the Ministry of Magic, or they will open up a store the place they promote magical items or meals. Neither appear to be they’ve numerous incomes potential, so I assume the one strategy to be obscenely rich on this universe is to have each of your mother and father murdered.

Harry Potter

Magic Cures A Lot Of Things, However Not All Things

Magic can reform bones, pull any object from any distance away to the consumer and even multiply meals. By some means, although, it could possibly solely repair Harry’s glasses and never his eyesight. Thoughts you, Muggles have Lasik at this level, however the Wizarding World continues to be screwing round with bifocals and utilizing “reparo” to repair them for the umpteenth time. Harry’s eyes aren’t the one issues broken on this universe that stay unfixed both, and one has to marvel why that’s.

Harry Potter Portrait

Portraits Can Retain The Full Character Of Their Topics

It is bizarre that the portraits and photos of the Wizarding World can have a thoughts of their very own, however even weirder they will tackle the character and data of their topics. This looks like a horrible factor for newspapers, whose enchanted selves may specific the incorrect ideas to the incorrect individuals and mess up the lives of the particular particular person. It is simply not definitely worth the danger in my view, however hey, I am not a magical individual.

Harry Potter Flying Car

Wizards Are Shockingly Ignorant Of Muggle Life

Wizards are vastly outnumbered and compelled to share their world with the Muggles, and but, they’ve discovered little or no about Muggle tradition normally. I am not saying they should, after all, however even taking a category on methods to correctly use a phone would considerably enhance their way of life. To not point out that dwelling amongst Muggles with a magical edge would virtually assuredly put somebody nicely forward in life! Maybe the truth that solely pure blood households are actually shut out of the tradition is why the ignorance persists, and why counting on something Muggle associated is taken into account lower than ideally suited.

Dementors Harry Potter

Dementors Had No Incentive To Dangle Out At Azkaban

If Dementors feast on the happiness of people and extinguish their will to reside, it simply does not observe {that a} majority of them would flock to a jail. If I am a Dementor trying to get my fill on sucking happiness out of individuals, I am heading to Disney World or Hogsmeade on the very least! It is no marvel all of them left the jail halfway by means of the collection, although truthfully, there was some poor planning on that call too, contemplating that issues have been already going south within the magic world.


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There are lots of different issues that do not make sense concerning the world of Harry Potter, so be happy to checklist them down within the feedback beneath. As at all times, remember to keep on with CinemaBlend to maintain observe of the most recent and biggest information occurring in tv and flicks.



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