Hasbro reveals new form of the Clone Troopers for Star Wars: the Bad Batch


The toy company Hasbro has revealed a new form of the Clone Troopers that will appear in the next series of Star Wars, The Bad Batch.

The Elite Squad Trooper is a Clone Trooper dressed in black armor with green-eyed lenses. Hasbro revealed almost nothing about his role in The Bad Batch, but was able to show off the new design as the Elite Squad Trooper will be available in action figure form through the company’s Black Series line.

Furthermore, a live stream emphasized that the Elite Squad Trooper is an entirely new variant, with a black decal applied to a Phase 2 Clone Trooper sculpture and fitted with a DC-15S blaster carbine. Anyway, the pack shown was not labeled with a character name, only Elite Squad Trooper, so it may be that these are background characters in the series rather than main characters.

The Elite Squad Trooper is the third entry in Hasbro’s Black Series of The Bad Batch. In fact, the reveal broadcast also showed Hunter and Crosshair figures, which will be sold in a Bad Batch-branded package.

As for the series itself, we recently learned more details thanks to the statements of the voice actor of Darth Maul. He commented that the series was going to be really good (he highlighted the artistic section). In addition, he assured that the story will deal with some areas of the Star Wars saga that have not been visited too much in the past.

On the other hand, although we know that the series will premiere on Disney + (where it will be available exclusively), at this time we still do not have a release date for it. Not even an approximate date.

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