HBO cancels Westworld after four seasons and no ending, in a surprising move


HBO has canceled Westworldthe sci-fi drama centered around a robotic theme park.

The Hollywood Reporter calls it an “unexpected fate” for the series, given that it has been critically acclaimed by the network. Although the creators of the series, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, have been ambiguous about whether Westworld would return after the end of the fourth season.

Nolan has previously said that he and Joy are “in talks with the network,” and that they would “really want” to do the series’ fifth (and supposedly final) season.

Hang up your hat, cowboy.

Unfortunately, the cancellation means that the season four finale will serve as the series finaleleaving the fate of imminent human extinction in the air.

Westworld was released in 2016 and focused on an amusement park set in the Wild West and inhabited by robots with which visitors could interact and play. In later seasons, the robots gain sentience and break free from the park to enter the human world, leading to conflict between the two sides.

The series starred Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton, Jeffrey Wright, and Ed Harris, with Tessa Thompson and Aaron Paul joining the cast in later seasons.

Although the first two seasons generated millions of views, viewership decreased in the third and fourth seasonsaccording to Nielsen.

Jonathn Nolan and Lisa Joy, meanwhile, are busy with the live-action Fallout series for Prime Video, which recently revealed its first image as part of Fallout’s 25th anniversary.

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