HBO Max shows the first official trailer for The Last of Us series, with a first look at various characters and dangers


As we expected after HBO made a preview on social networks, the company has shown The first official trailer for The Last of Us seriesthe video game adaptation of Naughty Dog.

We’ve already seen the series in little bits in the form of images and videos, but this is the first time we’ve gotten a serious look at HBO Max’s work with the series. Here you can see the first official trailer of The Last of Us:

The trailer shows lots of details and news that we had not seen before, such as the appearance of a Clicker, Riley and many other characters. We can see several details that fans of The Last of Us, the Naughty Dog video game, will discover as familiar. Firefly logos, the phrase “when you get lost in the dark” and a multitude of situations reminiscent of the views in the video game.

In addition, the trailer highlights that this adaptation of The Last of Us for HBO Max is led by Craig Mazin, creator of the Chernobyl series, and “acclaimed video game creator Neil Druckmann”. We know that Druckmann, director of The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Part II, has worked closely on the development of the series and will even act as director of one of its episodes.

Finally, the trailer ends indicating that The Last of Us is coming to HBO Max in 2023, although no more specific date has yet been confirmed. It will star Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie.

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The announcement is part of The Last of Us Day, and there may still be more surprises in store.