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He became the highest paid teenager in the world, but could not withstand the pressure: the life of Angus Jones, the baby of “Two and a Half Men”

Angus Jones along with Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer in "Two and a Half Men"
Angus Jones junto con Charlie Sheen y Jon Cryer en “Two and a Half Men”

Throughout the history of cinema and television, dozens of children who captivated and drew attention for their acting skills were forgotten. Characters who knew how to adapt to the needs, but also to the obligations of the market, saw the innocence of the first years of their lives lost, among other issues. A significant number of these artists did not end well, and others, instead, preferred to walk away, disturbed, to regain the integrity that the entertainment industry took from them.

One of the most successful series of all time was Two and a Half Men. 15 million viewers credit it. The thread tells the story of the coexistence of two brothers (played by Charlie Sheen Y Jon Cryer) with completely opposite personalities, and the son of one of them, who, far from following the rules and eccentricities of his divorced father, feels comfortable with the brazen life his uncle leads. The character of that child was Jake Harper, and was played by the actor Angus Jones.

At that time, when he debuted in the series and became on everyone’s lips, and under the scrutiny of specialized critics, he was just nine years old. He began to rub shoulders with fame in September 2003, when he first appeared in an episode. He immediately lost his private life. On some occasion he would comment that he could not go out on the street and that he could not enjoy a walk with his parents due to the harassment of the fans.

Little Angus had experience: he had already seen movies like Sympathetic, with only six years, to, at eight, participate in series such as See spot Run, IS Y The Rookie. But on those papers his name and face were unfamiliar. The dilemma for him came with Two and a Half Men. There he began his work success, a career on the rise, which was accompanied, at the same time, by the emotional debacle that overwhelmed him.

Angus Jones
Angus Jones

On the eve of fame

Angus Jones was born in Austin, Texas, United States, on October 8, 1993. He went to a Christian school, but was not religious at the time. When he was five years old, he moved to Los Angeles with his family. His parents began taking him to different castings until he managed to get one for a commercial. What was immediate happiness would be transformed into the arrival at the gates of his own hell.

That boy never wanted to be an actor. In his words, it was all an initiative that his mother had, who saw in Angus a future artist: he imitated scenes he saw on television and learned the dialogues of what he saw. That made him believe Carey Lynn Claypol that his future was there, in his son. And the boy was pushed to go through different auditions in advertising and television projects.

The search took another color when in 2001 the director and producer David Arquette summoned him for one of the main characters of See Spot Run. From there he jumped to Two and the Half Men. He signed for the first two seasons, a total of 26 episodes for which he would pocket $ 7.8 million. Became America’s Highest Paid Teen.

For the third and fourth installments, his salary was 350 thousand dollars per chapter, with which he exceeded eight million in profit. The amounts were increasing, and when he turned 17, already when he was about to retire, he became highest paid teenager of all time, according to People With Money.

Angus Jones
Angus Jones

In between, he was required by brands of all kinds to be the visible face, but Jones was in charge of rejecting almost all the proposals. In those that he accepted, he allocated the money to the NGOs with which he began to collaborate since he could remember.

His concern for children living on the streets, neglect and abuse began from a young age. Even though he could not dispose of his money due to his age, one of the requests he made of his parents was to be able to help foundations that provide assistance to the most vulnerable. In 2008 he joined First Star, in which several celebrities participate, and which aims to provide help to the children who need it most.

That same year he also joined Varietiy’s Power of Youth, to help with his presence – but also financially – at the children’s hospital in the city of Memphis. He also collaborates with an anti-bullying campaign called Be a Star.

Trauma and disappearance

In 2014, after the tenth season of Two and a Half Men, chose to stay away from success and exposure in general. He didn’t want to know anything more about the fame, other than making an appearance to say goodbye before walking away completely. In part, his departure was due to the estrangement of his mentor, Charlie Sheen (replaced it Ashton Kutcher), who cares the most for him on the recording sets. But also, Angus did not agree with part of his script, focused on an adult and not according to his age, according to his consideration.

Angus Jones was never satisfied with the addition of Ashton Kutcher to the series, instead of Charlie Sheen
Angus Jones was never satisfied with the addition of Ashton Kutcher to the series, instead of Charlie Sheen

At that moment they spoke of the resounding change in his thinking. From one day to the next, after visiting several churches, Angus said he was traumatized by what he showed each time he performed. He went on to say that the small screen shows garbage, and that he would not collaborate with that. “I do not want to continue being part of the enemy’s plans,” he warned.

He also argued his need to regain the life he had lost in his childhood. The first thing he did after leaving was to start his studies at a university in Colorado. And he spent time with his friends, traveling the world with them as his special guests. When he retired, still in his teens, he had $ 15 million in his bank account.

Angus himself spoke of pressures and everything that he had to go through at an age when childhood was taken from him. “I grew up under the gaze of millions of eyes. For now I don’t want that anymore. I need my privacy, to be able to enjoy my friends, to travel, to do things that I never did, ”he commented a while ago on his social networks.

(Not So) Happy Times: Angus Jones with Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen, on the hit hit "Two and a Half Men"
(Not So) Happy Times: Angus Jones with Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen, on the hit “Two and a Half Men”


This year Angus Jones decided to become much more involved in his religious life. It all began when he understood that he had been saved from a serious accident by the Lord’s designs. There he began to preach. He was baptized and immediately lashed out at his work. Commented that Two and a Half Men, and especially his character, did not align with his beliefs.

“The show is filthy. The topics that are touched on are completely wrong. I feel like a paid hypocrite. Viewers should stop watching that program, “he commented through a video he posted on YouTube when he said goodbye. His words were experienced as a great media scandal and against the production of the series.

At the same time, he turned to social media to spread the word of God. Two large groups were registered here: those who asked him to return to the series and those who were satisfied with his decision. He became a kind of prophet that many follow today.

As far as his love life is concerned, he would have been secretly married. As published by Washington Daily News, Angus was seen with an alliance, and this suggests that he took another step in the relationship.

In addition to preaching, he spends his time working at the production company Tonita, which opened in 2016 together with Justin Combs, son of the rapper Diddy Combs. As he highlighted in recent months, nothing and no one deviates him from God’s path. He continues to participate in the meetings in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Today at 27 years old, and despite constant offers, Angus Jones does not want to know anything about acting again. “I do not look to the future, I just move forward”, is one of his favorite phrases.

I walked past.  Angus Jones, in a scene with Charlie Sheen
I walked past. Angus Jones, in a scene with Charlie Sheen


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