He crossed paths with a rival, asked for the VAR and ended with the fans in the stands: the unusual expulsion of Cuca in the final of the Libertadores


Cuca expelled from the final of Copa Libertadores

In a Copa Libertadores final that seemed to have no emotions, where Palmeiras and Santos equalized until 97 minutes, there was a play and an expulsion that triggered the first and only goal of the game.

However, the protagonist of the offense was not any of the players, but the coach of the Fish Alexi Stival, better known as Cuca, who saw the red card after coming between Marcos Rocha and the ball on a throw-in.

In the action you could see the moment when the ball fell to the technician, who tried to lower it first while he saw a rival footballer approach.

Marcos Rocha and Alison crossed paths after Cuca's expulsion (Reuters)
Marcos Rocha and Alison crossed paths after Cuca’s expulsion (Reuters)

After putting the ball on the ground with his foot, he bent down to take it and hand it to the defender with some slowness in his action. Next act, the player took the coach ahead unleashing a fight that did not happen to greater.

As a consequence, the Argentine Patricio Loustau decided to expel the Brazilian understanding that for a long time and, not satisfied with the referee’s decision, Cuca started asking for the VAR to be checked to reconsider the decision that had already been made.

Despite constant requests for you to review the stock with the use of technology, the referee upheld his decision and did not attend the replays.

After an exchange of words between the two protagonists, where the coach explained to the player that at no time did he try to hide the ball from him, Cuca withdrew from the field, but far from doing so to the changing rooms, he climbed into the stands to live the remainder of the game with the fans from Santos who went to the final. Rio de Janeiro enabled 2,000 free invitations for each club.

Cuca ended up watching the end of the match in the stands with Santos fans
Cuca ended up watching the end of the match in the stands with Santos fans

Because of how the meeting was happening, this expulsion meant that I was not going to be able to be on the edge of the field during the overtime that was coming. However, seconds after the action came a surprise goal from Palmeiras.

At 98 minutes, Breno Lopes jumped higher than the rest of the defenders to connect the ball head to the furthest post from John Victor Maciel Furtado, who could do nothing to prevent the break on the scoreboard and the title of the rival team.


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